05 July 2022

Time to restart

 I have rested my leg now for 7 days. It is feeling amazing. I can walk normally. My knee doesn't hurt. My back is still bothering me but I will make an appointment with my chiro for that. My feet still hurt when I first put my insoles in and walk, but that goes away. I think I just need to wear my insoles more. Once I have them in for a while they no longer hurt and I feel great. So I need to work on that. Otherwise I'm good. I can stand up and walk without having to hobble for the first few steps, I can just get up and go. So I think that it is time to get back into the gym. I'm going this morning and doing upper body. Tomorrow it will be lower body and I will just have to be careful with that. I also need to tackle Supernatural and I'm a little nervous about that. I'm thinking of doing it in shoes and not moving much. Hmmm....doing that this afternoon and I will have to think on that. 

I need to clean up the eating too. I'm going to fast today since Hubby is playing golf. I need to reset my mind and my body and get back on the clean eating wagon. That's what I'm doing, eating clean. No processed food, or little processed food. Why do I have to label everything? Why can't I just eat like a human being and be done with it. 

I also need to work on my mindfulness. I'm getting tempted by the ads for diets and workouts and things like that. So I need to do a complete and total reset. Today it begins. The gym and the fast. Time to get back into the good way I was feeling. 

In other news, I found this guy who does calisthenics and has this program to learn to do things like push-ups, pull-ups, leg raises, squats, etc. They are very basic movements and each has a progression to work through until you get to the point where you can do a real movement. It's not so much a full blown workout, but ways to do normal human movement. I'm going to work on these and add them to into my PT exercises. 

Which leads to the PT exercises. I'm going to start doing them tonight. I was going to start them last night but I ended up staying up too late. So tonight it begins. I'm going to do them every single night until everything is all back to normal. So that makes me think, should I just do those or should I go to the gym also? I'm just not good enough on sports medicine to know what is the best thing to heal completely. I do need a complete reset and to get back on track with eating and exercise. Maybe I should start with my PT and the calisthenics for the remainder of this week? Hmmmm, I think I like that better for this week only. Do my PT exercises, do the calisthenics, and do some gentle Supernatural. See how that goes for a few days and then I can add in the gym. I think I like that. I want to heal completely and I do not want to spend anymore time limping and in pain. 

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