04 July 2022

Happy Fourth of July

 It's a Monday holiday for many people. It's just another summer day for teachers. 

Leg update: nothing has really been helping. I've done nothing for almost a week now and the leg is definitely getting better. Last night I could stand and walk without having to test it out first. During the night I got up to use the bathroom and had no real problem walking. So we are definitely on the mend. Every morning when I walk Mavy, I put my shoes on and they have my big, thick insoles in them. After walking for just a few minutes they make my feet hurt. But then if I keep walking, the pain goes away. I can't figure out if they get sore because I don't wear them all the time like I do during school, or if there is really something wrong. But I think if there was something wrong, the pain wouldn't go away after a while. What I do know is that my step count has been below 5,000 for almost a week now. That has to change. I know that adding more steps will definitely make my feet hurt, but it's something that has to be done. 

Which leads me to today. The leg is definitely feeling better, but it is not 100%. So the question is, do I wait another day or so, or do I start working out today? As much as I want to workout, I am definitely leaning towards another day of rest. I can start tomorrow and ease back into it slowly. I'm worried about doing leg exercises and thinking of starting the PT exercises today. So this evening I'll do the PT exercises and use the massage gun on my IT band - which has been bugging me like crazy - and see how I feel tomorrow. If I have a setback, that tells me I'm not ready and to wait a few more days. If I feel as good or better, I will ease back into working out. That sounds like a good idea. Start small and see what happens. Maybe, if the PT exercises go well, I'll just do those this week and work on increasing my step count. Then I'll return to the gym next Monday. Hmmm, that is definitely an option I will have to consider. 

Okay, I'm done. Going to work on other things now. 

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