04 August 2022

Pain free and back to school

 I noticed the last couple days of last week that I was basically pain free. It felt good. I wanted to work out but I decided to stick to my plan of being 2 weeks relatively pain free before starting. So I fought the urge to workout over the weekend. But bright and early Monday morning I was at the gym for a workout. It felt so damn good. I worked out and then went to work. Where I discovered that I could use the stairs. Just last week I had to hold on to the handrail and really focus on walking up or down the stairs. But on Monday I discovered that not only could I move very freely, I didn't need to hold the handrail. In fact, I could even jog up and down the stairs. OMG!!! You have no idea how good that simple thing felt. So I worked out Monday and Tuesday morning and afternoon. Yesterday was the first day of actual classes so I knew I wouldn't have time to work out, it was my rest day. But I wore some heels all day and except for my feet being incredibly tired, I felt pretty damn good. Got home last night and was so unbelievably tired, I was in bed by 7:30. 

The first day went well. I will write up an entire synopsis on my other blog over the weekend, but it definitely was a good day. 

Okay, I need to get ready for today. It is pouring rain, thunder and lightening, so I'm sure there will be no dog walk this morning. Poor Mavy. 

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