12 August 2022

Update on the leg

 I'm beginning to worry that there is something seriously wrong with my leg/back. On Wednesday my leg/back was a little sore so I decided to use my percussion gun on it. I laid on the couch and ran the gun over the IT band, my butt, a little low back. It felt good and I thought it had helped, until I woke up yesterday morning. It felt like my left leg was sort of weak. It's hard to explain but it was painful. Sitting hurt more than anything else, so I tried to stand most of the day. Standing was definitely better. But I have pain through my butt and down my leg. It feels better this morning but I'm beginning to think that there is something more going on than just a strain. 

Between this being the first week of school, the tiredness, and the leg pain, I didn't get any workouts in this week. I have got to figure this out. I'm going to devote some time to just that this weekend. Figure out what I can do during the week and when I can do it. 

Otherwise, it was a good week. I detailed it over on the teaching blog, so I'm not going to redo it here. I will say that having a plan and knowing exactly what I am doing really makes a difference with the students and with my mental health. I've been tired every day this week, but it's a physical tired and not really a mental tired. Also, having decided what I will and will not accept, makes for zero decision fatigue. I love it. I'm saying something every single time I see something that violates my or the school rules. It is awesome. 

Okay, I really have to get going this morning. I'm off to business Costco to stock up the science club cart, and then off to school for a few hours to prep for next week. 

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