02 September 2022

The knee again! Really?????

 So yesterday the knee started acting up again. It actually feels like my IT band but I've learned not to assume anything. Walked Mavy this morning and it was feeling a little achy. I'm so done. So completely and totally over this whole f*cking knee thing. I'm OVER IT!!!!!  I have made an appointment for the chiropractor this morning, we'll see if that helps any. Last time I went to him it actually made it worse, so I'm a little hesitant but I need to do something. 

On that note. My last post was about not beating myself up for not having the time to fit workouts in, but I also need to be realistic when I'm using being busy/tired as an excuse. Which I think is what I have been doing. I need to look for opportunities to get a workout in. Yes, my workdays are busy, but there are days this past week where I could have gotten a workout in, I just chose not to for some reason. That's not true, I know the reason. I didn't feel like it!! That is not a good or valid or even acceptable reason at all. I'm starting to fall back into old patterns and I need to not do that. 

So my goal this week is to look for opportunities. Look for places where I can squeeze in a workout. Look for times when I can do some quick squats or leg lifts or something to move my body. I cannot go on this way. I don't like being in almost constant pain. I don't like feeling tired or lazy or whatever the f*ck it is I feel. I'm just plain tired of it. So time to switch things up. 

So this week is all about finding opportunities!!! And I'm starting with a visit to the gym. 

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