25 September 2022

Two days, two posts

 I find myself starting to fall back into old behavior patterns. Yesterday I was supposed to start my weight training program again. I had committed to doing it religiously for 2 months. I have even ordered some weights so I have the ability to work out from home since going to the gym during the week is a nightmare. But did I workout yesterday? No. I did not. Do I have a good reason like maybe I was injured or some kind of emergency came up? No. See starting to back slide into old habits. I'm not going to let that happen. So this morning I woke up, did some work, and jumped right into a workout. It was leg day, which I can totally do at home, so I didn't even need to consider the gym. Since that was yesterday's workout and I have one planned for today, guess I'll be doing another workout today. Thankfully it's Sunday. But the bottom line is that I will not fall back into old habits. I'm really feeling good. The knee appears to finally be really and truly on the mend. I've started doing the hip opening stretches again and they feel great - well, not while I'm doing them. So yeah, things aren't hurting near as much and I'm really feeling good. I do not want to fall into old patterns and end up feeling like crap and living in pain. I just read something on the 80/20 principle. Basically it says that 20% of almost anything provides 80% of the benefit. That is something to really think about. So 20% of the things that I own provide me 80% of the happiness or 80% of benefit. That means that 80% of the stuff I own is basically a waste. Hmmmm....Something to definitely think about. 

No old patterns!!!!!

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