24 September 2022

It's been a minute

 Life moves fast and the days fly by. 

So it's been two weeks since C went to the doctor and he has drastically reduced his drinking, like drastically. He had a beer on Tuesday and didn't have another one until lunch yesterday. I cannot tell you how nice it has been not having to deal with him in a drunken state. He gets very angry when he's drunk and I just can't deal with it. So the past two weeks have been really nice. He went back to the doc for a check up yesterday and his blood pressure is normal - yay - though he has to stay on the medication for now. His weight was down 3 pounds and he was all excited. I didn't have the heart to tell him that was probably from the bloating that the alcohol causes. His blood sugar was a little elevated - in the pre-diabetic range- so he has to watch his sugar intake. We also need to get him moving more. I think that will happen as the weather cools down. He seems to be looking forward to getting back into bike riding so that's good. 

Now, on to me. This past week was exhausting at school. By 1pm I was yawning and ready to lay down and take a nap. Time to change that up. Part of that is due to my lack of exercise, I know that. And it's a self-fulfilling cycle: I get tired, come home and I'm too tired to work out, get more tired the next day. By the time I reach the end of the week I'm ready to drop when I get home. I don't like. So something has to change. As I was walking Mavy yesterday I kind of talked it out with him and came to some conclusions. First, going to the gym during the week is just out of the question. I already get up super early, I'm not going to get up even earlier to go to the gym. After work, forget it, the afternoons are crazy at the gym and I will not do that. So the gym is out during the school week. But I want to get back into a weight routine because I know that lifting heavy things are super important for older women. I do have some weights here but they are not very heavy. So I thought, why not buy more plates? Then I could work out at home during the week. Also, I still have Supernatural and a couple of other workouts on my Oculus, why don't I do those in the afternoons? So I really have no excuse. I just need to do it. So today I'm going to sit down and make out a calendar for my workouts. What I'm doing when. I know that Wednesdays are usually my latest days  because of Science Club, so that will be a rest day. Then, I can easily do my lower body workout at home, that is mostly body weight stuff and I can do that easy. Plus, I'm starting back at ground zero for workouts so I'll only be doing weights 2 days a week for the next 4 weeks. Easy. Do the leg workouts on the days I'm working out at home and do the upper body at the gym. Boom. Done. That's even easier than I thought yesterday during the dog walk. I will also do Supernatural or Les Mills or something on the other days. I need to get some HIIT work in. I should see if the Oculus has a HIIT workout. Just checked and I have almost every workout they have so I'm just going to have to deal with what I have. But I'm going to do this a few days a week and really start getting my ass in shape. I'm tired of being so tired during the work week and as counter intuitive as it sounds, more activity will actually increase my energy. I see that I'm not sleeping as good on work nights as I do on the weekend. I think more activity will fix that too. So activity it is. Right now, I have to go walk Mavy as he's bugging me like crazy. 

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