02 October 2022

Life is good

 Really, really good. It has now been about 3 weeks since C stopped drinking and things are good. Really, really good. He is so much easier to talk to. I don't try to avoid him all night now. Life is just awesome. I enjoy being around him. I enjoy talking to him. We laugh a lot. It's like it used to be. It hasn't been that way in a long, long time but I never even realized it was changing until I couldn't take it anymore. But these last 3 weeks have just been amazing. 

Now, on to me. I did get a few workouts in this week, but not as many as I wanted. So I truly believe that my WHOOP is messing with my sleep patterns only because I'm paying attention to it. I had gotten my sleep dialed in and was getting awesome sleep. Then I started wearing that and listening to what it said I should be getting and it's just screwing me up. It is currently having issues with connecting with my new phone and I need to let the battery drain completely to try and fix it. So I'm going to use that as an excuse to not wear it for a few days and see if I can get my sleep back on track. I know that I need 7.5 hours of sleep. I also know that I should wake up at the end of a 90 minute sleep cycle. So if I back track from the time I get up, 4:15am, to when I should go to sleep I get a go to sleep time of 8:45pm. That also gives me exactly 5 90 minute sleep cycles and I wake up at the end of one. But to go to sleep by 8:45pm I would need to be in bed by 8:15pm. I like to read for 30ish minutes or so. So that is my goal tonight and every night this week. In bed by 8:15pm and up at 4:15pm. I do need to figure out an alarm though. I've been using the WHOOP as my alarm. So I need to work on that today. 

Along with the sleep I need to create a workout schedule and really stick to it. One of the things that has been screwing me up a little bit has been the pool. C still wants to go in the pool every day after school. I'm good with not doing that and just going in on the weekends. The weather is a lot cooler, the sun is not as high in the afternoons, and honestly it's just not as much fun. So I think I'm going to tell him that the pool is pretty much out during the week and I will save it for weekends. That allows me time to workout before dinner. So I'm thinking of this: 

Monday: Supernatural

Tuesday: Upper Body

Wednesday: Rest (this is my late day so I will use it as a rest day)

Thursday: Lower Body

Friday: Supernatural

Saturday: Supernatural

Sunday: Supernatural

That should be completely doable. I love Supernatural and have really lost the momentum so time to get back into that. I will also be adding dog walks in soon, as soon as the weather gets cooler. If I make sure to leave by 3:45pm every day I will have plenty of time to do all this. 

Okay, I'm done. Going to write this all in my planner so I have it right in front of me daily. 

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