02 October 2022

Daily Workout

 Going to try something new and old. I used to record my workouts here and make some comments on them. I found it good to go back to once in a while and also to see how I've grown and improved. So I'm going to do that again. Not only is it a little accountability, but I have a record so I can see growth and change. 

First one. Second one. 

These were the two Supernatural workouts I did this morning. They were both hard, which is something I don't do regularly. I tend to hang in the medium workouts. But I loved the songs in the first workout so I went for it and then, since I had done a hard flow why not do a hard boxing. These killed me. I can feel my arms like you would not believe. Also, I was so winded on the first workout. Really felt good. 

I'm tired and sweaty and feel amazing. I'm kind of excited about keeping this up. I have a long way to go but I know from experience that as long as I keep doing it, I'll improve. So let's do it. I may do another workout this afternoon, but if I don't that's okay too. Maybe I'll do something that is not technically a workout like BeatSaber. Hmmmm...we'll see what is happening and how I feel. 

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