11 October 2022

Today will be a day of opposites

 Today will be sad. We are going to say goodbye to little Lolz after 14 years. She has gotten so old recently. Her arthritis is bad and she has hip dysplasia, watching her walk is extremely painful. She has trouble getting up and down and she's losing weight. She has no real interest in anything and spends most of the day in a deep, deep sleep. But then yesterday that changed. She was very restless yesterday. Panting a lot and couldn't seem to settle down. Something changed. So the vet will be coming today around noon so we can let her go. It's really, really sad. It's the end of an era. The Hawaii dogs will be gone. 6 years after we move, it is like Hawaii is really behind us. It feels like she breaks a chain that goes back to 1991. In 1991 we got Mana. Then we got Rocco. Then we got Nala. Then we got Axl and Lola. Then we got Bella. Mana overlapped with Rocco and Nala. Rocco overlapped with Axl and Lola. Axl and Lola overlapped with Bella. It's just been a continuous chain of dogs for 30 years. Yes, we still have Maverick and he overlapped with Lola and Bella, but it's different. We got him here. Everyone else was a Hawaiian dog. It feels like I'm breaking the last connection I have to Hawaii. It's weird and I don't think I can explain it completely, but it is the end of an era. The dynasty of dogs is on it's last king. I really think that Maverick will be the last dog we have. We are getting older. There are things I want to do (hello Europe) that is just harder with a dog. So I really think that Maverick is the end of a dynasty. We will see though. So that is the sad part. 

Today will also be a good day because I feel like I'm finally over the effects of the Covid booster and can get back to working out. Also, we are leaving on our first official road trip tomorrow and I'm very excited. It will be weird having only Maverick and I need to figure out his food situation. I'm not going to continue the way C has been feeding them. I have never liked that but it was hard to argue with 3 big dogs to feed. So I need to work on that. I also need to get back into training him. Now that we are alone, there is no reason I can't train him all the time, all over the house. Time to get back into that. 

So yeah, a day of opposites. I need to go write her obituary.

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