10 October 2022

It happened again

 I took a rest day on Wednesday and I haven't done anything since then. This is something that I truly need to work on. I can't keep starting and stopping and starting...Ugh!!! It made me crazy years ago, it will definitely make me crazier now. So, while I realize it's after the fact, let's do a little analysis: 

Thursday 10/6:  Last day of school before fall break and I came home exhausted. Completely and totally exhausted. The plan was to take off another day and pick it back up on Friday. 

Friday 10/7: This morning we went axe throwing with some of the other teachers. That was super fun. After we went out to lunch and hung out for a few hours talking. Great morning. But that afternoon I did not feel like working out. So I didn't. 

Saturday 10/8: Got up and walked Mavy and really had good intentions for the rest of the day. However, we got our Covid booster and flu shots this morning and by afternoon I was exhausted. I felt weary in my bones. So there was no working out today. 

Sunday 10/9: Woke up feeling a little sore in the arms from the shots, and my neck was a little sore like when you are getting sick. Spent most of the day just tired. Really, really tired. We also had some friends over to watch football. When they left all I wanted to do was lay down on the couch. 

So I need to stop the hemorrhage here. I feel okay this morning. My immune system is clearly working but I'm feeling good. So today I will walk the dog and get my workouts in. He is going in for grooming today since we are leaving on our trip on Wednesday. Also, today we say good-bye to little Lolz. It's sad but I can't watch her struggle around here anymore. She can barely walk and there is really no life left in her. 

So there it is. Analysis is better than nothing. 

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