24 November 2022

Forgot how much I enjoy journaling

 in any shape or form. I really enjoy it especially in the morning. After yesterday's brain dump, I spent some time researching laser engravers and finally settled on one. It's one that many, many people recommended so I feel confident in buying it. For the laser engraver, I need a bit bigger workspace than I have. So I spent some time searching through Ikea craft room hacks and found something that I like a lot. Started researching the pieces and realized I needed to measure my room and figure out how much area I actually had. Did that only to discover that I already have some shelves I could use for my work table. I'm going to join together 2  of the shelves that I have and make a larger work area. Now that is going to take up more room in here, so I'll need to work out how I'm going to do Supernatural because I am going to start doing that again. At least a few times a week. So yeah, journaling really helped get everything rolling in my brain. I love it. 

After that I started working on my sublimation shirts. Now these are the things I really enjoy and would love to be able to sell them eventually. But before I even consider that, I have to get good at them. So that's what I'm doing. Practicing. I am nailing down things that won't work - some brands of shirts and some techniques. I'm playing around with looks to see what looks good. I'm doing things like that. Now the problem with shirts is that they take time. I have to print and press. Then bleach. Then wash and dry. So it's hard to move quickly through the learning process. But that's okay. I will just keep plugging along until I get it all figured out. Because sublimation is so finicky, I really should keep a log book so I have all the information at my finger tips and don't have to repeat experiments. I have a piece of post it note that has measurements for my tumblers and mugs. Need to put them in a place to keep it organized. I have lots of notebooks, I will start one today so I keep track of all my information on sublimation. 

So I do have a vague plan in my head on what I want to do. I think that the next few months will be spent on perfecting my techniques. I will continue to work on my sublimation. Work on adding vinyl to the sub. I will start working on my laser engraving - that comes on Saturday and I'm so excited. Finding designs that I like, learning to customize them, learning to create them, etc. Once I get them all down, then I will start to consider selling them. I know that I can do it and be sort of successful at it - at least in terms of money - I just need to figure out what will sell. That means lots of research. So craft fairs will become my weekend hobby. 

I'm kind of excited about this. I feel like I am looking towards the next phase of my life and preparing for it. I feel like when I've considered this in the past, I got discouraged because of the amount of money I would need to generate to make it successful. But now, I won't need to generate my entire income, only supplement what I have coming in. That is a lot less pressure on me to succeed. It also allows me time to perfect things and figure out exactly what I want to sell. I'm good. 

So today is Thanksgiving. Some friends are coming over for dinner and to watch some football, but basically it will be a quiet day. I've had a head cold this week that has not been bad, but has been really annoying. I stayed home yesterday and just took it easy and rested hoping to shake it. It seems like I was mostly successful. At least today I can breathe and am not blowing my nose or sneezing every 10 seconds. Definitely on the mend. 

Okay, time to wrap this up. 

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