25 November 2022

The human mind is fascinating

After giving myself the grace to make mistakes and learn and not worry about being perfect right now, my attitude has definitely changed. Instead of looking at things and seeing the flaws, I'm looking at things, seeing what I like and figuring out how to improve what I don't. For example, I have a couple of shirts that weren't the way I wanted them. So I have been looking at them and trying to figure out how to fix them. One shirt has just not come out the way I want it, so that one is now my test shirt. I will try my different techniques and things on that one. No judgement, no being upset because it's not the way I want it, just an okay, that didn't work, let's try something else. It is very freeing and allows me to just examine what is happening and not get caught up in how I feel about it. 

To that end, a week or so ago I made a cup for myself, this one below. 

I love this cup. It has a sea turtle and a nice saying about how life is like the ocean, I love it. But see the writing near the bottom? It came out all fuzzy and rough. I was bummed and could not figure out what I had done wrong. So I set it aside and moved on. Then yesterday, I decided to make C  a 49er mug just for the heck of it. The same thing happened to that mug. I was bummed again, but determined to figure out what was going on. So I made another 49er mug and the same thing happened. For the last one I had put the cup in the press a different way thinking there was a cool spot in my press, but the blurry/rough spot came out on the same spot on the mug. Curious. Then, as I was showing the mugs to C it struck me, could there be something on the surface of the mug from the pressing? So I took all three mugs and washed them off and boom, they were perfect and smooth as glass. Yay!!!!! So now I have a new favorite mug. So see, learning from my mistakes is the key here. 

Yesterday was Thanksgiving and we had a couple of friends over. It was quiet, lots of football. I ate too much, but that's okay. I ate too much junk food. The good part is that I'm not beating myself up over it, just saying hey, it was Thanksgiving and moving on. Today I'm going to the gym, walking Mavy, and doing a little Supernatural later. I need to get moving and be more active. 

Okay, time to go. 

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