05 November 2022

Friday Hiking

 Trying to make Friday a hiking day. It won't happen every week, but I'm going to make it happen as often as possible. Hiking on the weekends during this time of year is insane. Too crowded and in general, people are idiots. So Friday it will be as often as I can make it happen. 

Here are some pics from yesterdays hike. We went to Usery Regional Park and hiked the Blevins trail. It was a beautiful and the trail was just awesome. 

The view at the beginning of the hike. It was such a beautiful, clear day. 

Mavy on the trail. The trail was wide and basically flat with only a few rocks and stuff. 

First time ever, I got a jumping Cholla on me. Thankfully it was on my boot and I could remove it fairly easily. 

I never knew this sign existed. You can really only see it form the park. 

Mavy near the end of the hike. He was kind of done and could not wait to get back to the car. 

The trail was just a little over 3 miles and it took us an hour and a half. We just took our time, sniffing, sitting on the benches they provided, enjoying the views. It was really, really nice. 

The hike before this was to Lost Dutchman state park, which is out here in the same area. I love this area and will be back to both of them for more hiking. 

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