07 November 2022

Daily Gratitude for the Week of Nov 7- 13, 2022

The assignment this week is daily gratitude for 3 minutes a day. I'm going to try something different and see if this works. 

Day 1:

Today I am extremely grateful for podcasts. There are a number of things that I do during my day that are boring and routine. Podcasts make those things a little more interesting. I like that they are just people and not necessarily 'stars' or famous people. In fact, I think I like that even more. They tend to become 'stars' of the podcast world but that is not like being a Hollywood star. So today I am grateful for podcasts and the time and effort that goes into making them so I can listen to them. Also, the wide range of topics. There is a podcast for almost every topic and that is good. So today I am grateful for podcasts and all the podcast folks. That is something that I did not think would last and yet it did. Yay 

Day 2: 

Today my gratitude turns toward winter. I love summer. I love the heat and the sunshine and the smells, everything. But I am grateful for winter. The cooler weather. The ability to get outside more and do more things. The break from the relentless sunshine and high temps. It is nice. It puts me in touch with the ebb and flow of all things. Nothing stays the same forever and winter reminds me there is always a time to slow down and rest. Summer is the time of do, do, do. Here in Phoenix that is not exactly true but close. So today I am extremely thankful for winter, the change of weather, and the change of clothes that brings with it. It's fun to get to wear something different. 

Day 3: 

Today I'm forcing myself to be grateful for our elections. In spite of the sh*t show this one is and in spite of the fact that we probably ended up with an election denier as governor, I'm still grateful that we live in a country that allows for free and fair elections - at least for now. It's hard to show gratitude for something that I know I'm going to disagree with the results. But I can hope that if the worse happens, this country will learn and can turn the ship around next election. It is one of the few times in my life I have seriously considered moving out of the country. But back to gratitude. I'm grateful that I have the opportunity to vote my choice and that I'm not forced to vote a certain way or not allowed to vote. 

Day 4: 

Today I am grateful for my 4 day workweek. You have no idea how amazing that really and truly is. It is Thursday and my last day of work for the week. I love that. This week has been strange and so I'm extra grateful that this is the last day of it. Along those same lines, I'm really grateful to be a teacher. It's not something everyone can do, or wants to do. This week was challenging being a teacher and so I'm definitely grateful that I am one. That is really all I have to say today. Thankfully there is only 30 seconds left. 

Day 5: 

Today's gratitude combines two of the previous gratitude. Today I am grateful for lazy Friday mornings which are only possible because it's winter and I work 4 day weeks. On winter Friday mornings I don't have to rush to get up. I can sip my coffee lazily and not be in any hurry to do anything or go anywhere. I can even get up when I feel like and not have to jump out of bed in the mornings. That is not possible in the summer. In the summer I need to get out of bed before the sun (which is really, really early) to get Mavy a walk. But in winter, we sleep in, lazily drink our coffee, and go hiking when we are ready. Yay winter. Today we are hiking Lost Dutchman State Park and I'm kind of excited. I'm thinking of doing Siphon Draw. Okay, times up. 

Day 6: 

Today I am extremely grateful for talented people. Last night we went and saw Sir Elton John and it was absolutely amazing. He is an amazing performer and has written some of the most amazing songs ever. When you think about the things he has been through that makes it all the more meaningful. Yes, he is famous and wealthy but those things don't necessarily make you happy. I think he is finally happy in his life and that is why he is stepping away, to enjoy his life. It was an absolutely amazing concert. My ears will hurt for days from the loudness, but it was so worth it. Definitely makes me grateful for people willing to share their talents with the world to make our world a little better. 

Day 7: 

Today I'm grateful for my life. This one is one I do frequently but it's true. When I was younger I could never imagine having a house that I absolutely love and a life that just makes me want to get up and live it each day. I love my job. I love the people I work with. I love my house and my husband and my dog. I love that I get to go hiking on Fridays. I love that I have enough money to do the things I want to do. I really do just love my life and I'm truly grateful for it every single day. I look at people I know, my sisters, and they ended up in a very different place than I did yet I was the one headed down the path of destruction. When I was in my 20s I honestly could not see far enough into the future to imagine I would live until my 50s and 60s. Seriously. I never made plans for the future because I couldn't see myself in it. It is really only very recently that I've started to imagine I could possibly retire someday. I used to say I'd never retire because I would be bored, when in actuality I knew I could never afford to retire. But now that is a possibility. So yes, I'm extremely grateful for my life. The one I got to live and the one I have now. 

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