27 November 2022

Last piece of the craft puzzle

 is now in place. Spent most of yesterday putting this bad boy together, it took about an hour. Then it took me a couple of hours to work up the nerve to run my first piece, only to discover that something wasn't connected and all it did was burn a line for 17 minutes - that was scary. 

Luckily it's a pretty simple set up and I was able to diagnose the problem easily and fix it. Then proceeded to run another print and made this: 

It's pretty simple and it was from a template provided, but hey, it's my first item and it's cool. The whole thing is a little scary though, there is a laser cutting things in my craft room. We had to disconnect the smoke detector because it went off and would not stop. It does get a bit smoky, especially the wood. But it's still cool and I'll figure out how to run it without killing us all. 

Today is Sunday. The last day of a 5 day break and our last break before the Christmas holidays. I have not done any school work in 5 days because I got hung up in the crafting stuff. Today we are going to see Mannheim Steamroller at 3pm. We go to see Trans-Siberian Orchestra every year so we are going to compare the two. Very excited but also sad because it means the end of the break. 

Overall though, it's been a good break. I've enjoyed getting deeper into the crafting and I love my new laser cutter. It's scary but it will be cool. Now, since I know how it works and make something, I need to master the software. I also need to source where to get materials to print/cut. I think I want to do mainly engraving. I don't think I'll be making a lot of things, though that may change. Depends on how proficient I get at this thing. Anyway, that was yesterday. Took about an hour to put that all together and then about 3 hours to work up the nerve to use it. 

Okay, I'm off to do something productive. 

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