26 November 2022

Craft room renovation

 During fall break I started on a craft room renovation. It began with the purging of things. I got rid of lots and lots of things that just didn't bring me joy anymore. I was over the painting stuff. I did what I had to do and was done with that. I had some things I'd been working on for years and just never finished so out they went. It was freeing to dump so much stuff that was emotionally weighing me down. The room became less cluttered and I organized things better. Then I got a bigger heat press for my vinyl/sublimation stuff. And then, with our work bonus, I ordered a laser engraver - that will be sort of big. I had no place to put it. So I started looking at Ikea craft room hacks and found a lot of people making a craft table from these shelves Ikea sells. Great idea. Then I realized that I had two large shelving units in my room already. So I started talking with Hubby and working on how I could make those a big craft table. We brainstormed and came up with some ideas, then yesterday headed out to buy the materials we didn't have and put it all together. Here is my new craft table: 

I freaking love it. It is on wheels so I can easily move it around. There is plenty of space on top for my large machines and there is tons of storage with all the cubby holes. There are that many cubby holes on each side. Woot woot!!!! I have other machines; a smaller heat press and a vinyl cutter; and I can swap those out when I need to. Also, that box is part of my laser cutter and that will live basically right there. So excited. Told Hubby about my general idea of slowly growing a craft business and he is all on board. He was showing me things I could make and had ideas about doing weddings and stuff. It's nice that he's all in, that means he'll help if I need him to. 

Okay, today is a day of work. There will be crafting and cleaning and grading. So much fun to look forward to today. 

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