17 December 2022

Much better

 So yesterday was much, much better than the rest of the week. After writing my post, I showered, walked Mavy and headed off for the gym. I pushed myself a little at the gym, which was awesome. I did a warm-up set. Then did my first set at the weight I did last time (thankfully I keep a book). If that was too easy, I went up the next set. If that was sufficiently hard, I stayed there. It was great. On every movement, by the few reps of the last set I was struggling. And that is a good thing. I woke up this morning pleasantly sore. Tomorrow will be leg day and that I'm going to do here at home. Last week I did squats and lunges and was dying for days. So that's what I'm going to do tomorrow. The only thing is that I can't use the bike to warm up here. Maybe I will scoot off to the gym for an hour. It won't be the end of the world. In fact, it would probably be a good thing. 

Don't have much more to say. Got a lot of things done yesterday. Went shopping for my Christmas gifts. Oh yeah. This is the first time in many years that I am actually doing Christmas gifts for some people. I'm making them stuff as I'm working on perfecting my crafting technique and growing my business. But I'm actually quite excited about the gifts I'm making. For my science department, I'm doing mugs with hot cocoa sayings on the side and then hot chocolate and candy in them. For my science bowl girls, I'm making them tumblers and socks and earrings. Yesterday I stopped at Five Below (my new favorite store) and got gift wrapping stuff. Also, they have a candy carousel that you can pick and choose your candy from, so I was able to get a variety of little candies to put in the cups. Then I went to Michael's and got some card stock so I can make the cards/tags on my laser printer. I'm very excited about today and tomorrow because I'm going to be doing all that stuff. Very exciting stuff. I also purchased a photo box to take good photos of the things I create. Trying to find a space that doesn't have a crappy background and has the right lighting was ridiculous. Michael's had one on sale so I decided to pick it up. I need to start building a portfolio of things I've made. Now I need to get a cup spinner - maybe. Oh, yeah, I'm supposed to go pick up some wood pieces this morning. I think I'll do it on my way out to Heritage. Or maybe I'll do it earlier and have Hubby go with. Just to be safe. Okay, got to run. Going to start wrapping my things for heating. I'm off. 

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