16 January 2023

Analysis paralysis

 First I want to comment on yesterday's post. That was part of an exercise and it was an eye-opener. I had no idea that I thought those things. None. When walking Mavy I dug in a little deeper and honestly think that goes back to my childhood. My parents valued intelligence and smarts over looks and sports ability, so that's what I grew up thinking is important - and it is. But, if I didn't know something I would try to avoid doing it. I never thought this was perfectionism because I have no problem getting up in front of people and making a fool of myself. I also have no problem learning new things and failing at them. What I apparently have a problem with is not knowing something and not knowing where to go to learn. I tried a personal trainer for 6 months and that really didn't help much. It was an interesting thing to learn about myself when I thought I knew most things. What I did do yesterday is go to the gym, workout on things I've never used before. And guess what? I survived. I don't think anyone in the  gym paid attention to what I was doing unless they wanted the piece of equipment I was on. Amazing. So I'm going to do a little more research and put together alternate programs so I don't get bored. Switch things up to work different muscles or angles of the muscles. 

When starting a small business, there are so, so many things to consider. I am trying to figure out how to separate my business finances from my personal finances. The simple thing seems to be get a business credit card and open a business checking account. So I started researching that stuff. And that is where the analysis paralysis comes in. Which to choose? There are so many. Then I will need a way to accept payments. I currently have PayPal set up for my business but that is an expensive one. Also, what about a checking account. I need an account to put my money into and pay my bills out of. UGH!!!!There is so much to figure out. And that is where the analysis paralysis comes in. I get overwhelmed with information and I just shut down. I think, at least for now, I will just have to pick something and run with it. I can always change things up later. 

But for right, right now, I'm stepping away from all this. 

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