05 January 2023

Clutter and paralysis

 I always find it very interesting when I make connections between seemingly unrelated things. Though honestly, I should know by now that things are not unrelated, everything is related. So I've started my craft business and it's going. I'm still learning the laser engraver and yesterday I couldn't get it to do anything. Any. Thing. That I wanted it to. I couldn't cut the new material that I got. I couldn't cut wood. Yeah, it was a little frustrating. And part of that frustration was the absolute clutter in this room. I'm not a super neat person, but I do like to have a place for things and things in their place. I don't have that right now and it's driving me absolutely batty. 

One idea I had was to move my printers from the table they are on to underneath the table. I don't use them all the time and as long as I can get to them when I need them, I should be good. Initially I thought of getting something with wheels so I can slide them in and out. But then I realized that I have these two, 2-draw things that were here when we moved in. I currently have them stacked and use the drawers for storing printer inks and paper and things like that. So I thought, why don't I pull them down. Place them under the table and put a printer on top of each one. I could put all the supplies for that printer in the draws below it and everything for the printers would be organized in one central location. Okay, one problem solved. So I have a small, 15 cubby hole cabinet under the table right now. I will move that to where the drawers are currently located and then I can actually use those cubbies to store things since I will be able to access them. Okay, that helps a little but there is still more to organize. 

Not too long ago I cleaned out my closet storage. I got rid of most of my paint stuff and threw out a lot of stuff that I just don't use any more. I need to do that again. I have a large shelf on top that could make great storage, but because of all the junk I have I can't really use it. So it's time to purge that again. We are leaving for an overnight in the mountains today, so I guess that will wait until this weekend. I am thinking some shelves of some kind up there so I can store things that I want to keep - like my old planners - but don't need to access often. If things like that were up high on a shelf then the shelf below could be used to store things that I access occasionally. Okay, things are starting to gel for me. 

I have these containers that I used to store my vinyl in. When I built my workstation, I moved the vinyl to the cubbies underneath. I don't so vinyl much anymore. So I think I will put them back into their containers and store them up on in the closet. They are there if I need them, but out of the way for now. 

In this room I have a bay window. It's nice, I've always wanted a bay window. But it is amazing how much space is wasted with that thing. So I just ordered some shelves off Amazon to put in the bay window to give me more storage area. These are shelves that I bought for school and for my laundry area. They are great. Not too large. They have adjustable height. And you can stack them. So I've got 6 of them coming. I think 4 of them will go in the bay window, 2 on each side. And then maybe I'll put 2 of them up in the closet to store the things I don't use. Hmmmm.....We'll see how that goes. 

Next up is my desk. My desk ends up with all kinds of crazy sh*t on it. Then the stuff stacks up until I reach the point where I can't stand it and have to clean it off. So I need to think about my desk area set up. I have my phone/watch charger under the stand for my computer, I'm thinking of moving that to cabinet on the side and that way I'll have a place to slide my planner in when it comes on Friday. 

Which leads to a new topic. I'm getting a new planner!  squeeeeee!!!!! I had been using a small weekly planner to some success. But when I started working on my business I realized I needed something just a little bigger. So I got a slightly larger weekly planner. That was good for a bit, but I quickly out grew that. I quickly realized that with all the things I have going on and my main focus being on getting my business going, I needed something with more room. Something that had room in the daily pages so I could write all the things I needed to keep track of. Something that had a timeline so I could put in appointments, but I didn't want it to be the only thing. Something that was dated so that I could plan ahead and make sure nothing got losts in the process. So I ordered a new planner that I have used before and I think will work perfectly. Yes, I know. I bounce around planners a lot. I just need to find one and stick with it. I will do that with the Amplify planner. 

Okay, I'm feeling much better mentally. Having all this crap around really blocks my mind. I couldn't get my laser to work right yesterday and I didn't even want to try. I just shut it down and went out to watch TV. That's not normal. So at least I have a bit of a plan. As I said, we are leaving today, but there are some things I can do before we leave. 

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