12 February 2023

Doing my own thing

 The morning workouts have been going really, really well. I worked out 5 days last week and I will work out later today which will give me 5 days this week. Technically I already worked out 5 days because Mavy and I hiked the Superstitions on Friday. But I'm good, I'll do another round of Supernatural. 

So let's talk briefly about the benefits of this exercise. First, I am a lot sharper throughout the whole day. I feel on top of things and focused on what I need to get done. Second, the energy is fairly consistent throughout the day. I don't really have the afternoon slump. Do I get tired? Yes, but it's not that bone weary, crushing exhaustion where I feel like I can't do anything else. It's more like, oh god, let me sit still in quiet for 10 minutes to regroup. It's working well. I don't stress over getting my workouts in all day long. I come home, walk Mavy and then I'm done. Yay!!!! So this is a great plan and I am going to stick with it for the remainder of the school year. 

In other news, and this might be related to the previous information, I feel like I'm finally finding my groove with the laser. I look at all these amazing creations that others make and I think I would like to do that. But, when I really think about it, I don't want to do that. Maybe I want to make one to try it or for myself, but these are not things I would want to make on a regular basis. During my unentertained time this past week it hit me, I made a little sign that says "My dog thinks I'm cool"  and I absolutely love it. Every time I look at it I can't help but smile. It's a simple, 2-layer, sign with paint on the bottom layer that shows through the top. I love it. So it hit me, why don't I make things like that? I enjoy it making them and will put the care into them because I love making them, and I know that people enjoy buying them. So yeah, that's kind of what I'm going to focus on - at least for now. I sat yesterday and designed about 25 signs and cut one - which I love. I'm going to paint and glue it today and.......   As I was typing this I realized that I need to cut a hole in the top to hang them. DOH!!!! I've been wracking my brain trying to figure out how to display or hang them up and it just hit me, cut a hole in the top. Going to have to work on that one, but anyway, I'm going to paint and glue it today. I hope to make a few more and get them posted up on my website. I have not focused on that website at all and I need to make time to do that. I can work on that while things are cutting. So anyway, I'm super excited about this kind of realization. I don't want to make jewelry or any of that crap. I want to make signs - I should qualify that with an 'at this point in time' as I progress and get better and better that may change, but for now, I'm good. I even had an idea where I could get two signs out of one cut. Depending on the sign, I can use the cut pieces on another piece of wood to make a design. Also, I can use the wood that the pieces were cut from to make a kind of inverted sign. 

I can't help but wonder if my new exercise routine has helped open up my mind. I was stuck for a long time on what I wanted to make with these. I start working out regularly and boom, it starts to fall into place. Coincidence? 

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