17 March 2023

Just a quick post before I head off to the gym

 So yesterday was a good start. Not perfect, but a good start. I got a good workout in, I logged all my food, and for a lazy day I got over 5,000 steps. So not bad. I know I can do better but not a bad start. 

I have discovered something about myself though. I've been making sublimation stuff for a while now. I got pretty good at the tumblers and cups. Then I got the laser engraver. I struggled so much with that initially and I devoted some time and effort to learning it. Now that I'm decent with it - still a lot to learn - I am avoiding tumblers and mugs because I'm pretty sure I've lost the secret. This is definitely not good. So today, later today, I'm going to focus totally on tumblers and mugs. I want to get about 20 mugs made for the craft fair next weekend. So I need to get my butt in gear. I do have a notebook now that I am going to devote to my crafts and I'm going to write down everything in detail. Clearly if I don't do it regularly I lose it, so detailed notes it is. 

Here we are back at Friday and break is essentially over. Sad. But it was a good break. I got a lot done and I learned some things about myself. Also, I'm a tad bored and sort of ready to get back to school and get the last quarter over with. There are only 37 actual school days left in the year. Halleluiah!!!!! I need this year over and behind me. I thought last year was a dumpster fire, but this year has not been a whole lot better. I think this group of students has been drastically altered by Covid and that is really sad. I'm just ready to be done with them. 

Okay, the alarm went off. Time to get ready and head to the gym. 

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