19 March 2023

Planning for next week

 Time to return to school. As much fun as I've had working on all my stuff this week, it's time to go back and finish up the year. It's been a year of growth and learning and I will use the things I've learned from this year moving forward. And I have learned a few things. I will never take on a 7th class again. It really wasn't that hard, but it definitely wears you down. I will focus much more on doing work at work - when I have the proper number of preps - and not taking stuff home at all. Maybe a little planning because I can plan better in the quiet of my room. But that's it. Done. 

The challenge today - find a way to make my planner work for me. Because if I'm honest, it's not working. I sit and set it up - sometimes - and then I leave it in my bag. That leads to an excessive amount of stress as I try to remember everything instead of writing it down which is the purpose of the planner. So that needs to change. I need to make a concerted effort to use the damn thing. Life is so much better when I use it because nothing gets lost in the shuffle. 

Okay, there is really nothing more I can do except force myself to use it. I would like a set up that works for me though. For example, the freedom boxes at the side. 

These with the pink highlighter over the top. I've used them for things I want to keep track of daily, but it just doesn't work. Also, one of the things I want to track is the money and I don't want this sitting on my desk with the money showing. So I'm not sure what do with these things exactly. 

The other thing I'm not sure how to use is the weekly spread: 

I had thought to use this for some of the things I don't want showing in the freedom boxes, like the money. That way if I have my planner open to the day, the money and other personal things won't show up. 

I don't know. I think that I need to build a routine around the planner. On Sundays I set up the next week, that's a pretty established routine. Maybe before I go to bed instead of cruising FB I could work on this. Review the day, set up the next day, etc. Let's try that this week. I will get in the habit of pulling out my planner when I come home from school and setting it on my desk. Then, before I head off to bed, I will go through it. I know how to build habits, they need to be attached to something I already do. So, let's examine my routine. I come home and usually leave my bag on a chair in the kitchen, time to get back into the habit of bringing it into my room. Then, before I go to bed I usually come in here and put my phone and watch on the charger and then cruise FB for 20-30 minutes. Let's work on replacing that with updating my planner. 
Okay, I'll give it a go this week. It will be hit and miss because I know how I form a habit. But I will just keep working at it until the habit sets in. 

That really means that today I need to clean up this desk and this room. It is a freaking hot mess and it's hard to move and be productive in here. That gives me a good plan for today: Finish what I'm working on - mugs and magnets - and then clean up. I will NOT start anything new today. I will work for a few hours on finishing up the things that are in progress and cleaning up this room. 

Of course, I still don't know what I'm going to put in the freedom boxes, but I'll figure something out. 

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