11 March 2023

Time for a break

 Spring break that is. I am so ready for it. After the long weekend, and the weekend of the BBQ, I was just completely exhausted last week. I was not in the mood to do much of anything. Thankfully it was an easy week at school. They had taken a test the week before and most failed miserably, so I had them take a 'retest' with a partner. It was not truly a retest because they could do it with their partners and use their notes, it was just to show me they knew something. Something. They don't, but it was  worth a shot. 

I did nothing in the craft area because I was exhausted. Just tired and worn out all week long, so nothing happened in here. But it's all good because now we are on spring break. Yay. 

Yesterday I didn't do much. Had to take Mavy to the vet, he has a torn ACL and will need surgery but first he has to lose some weight. Then we went to lunch at Four Peaks and I had two beers. I haven't had any beer in weeks, just haven't felt like it, and man those tasted good. Came home, snoozed on the couch because I had 2 beers, did a little decorating on the  patio, and then did a little painting in here. The craft show at the end of the month asks for a donation for their auction to raise money for the museum it's at. I'm working on something that I think will be really cool. At least it was in my mind's eye. I got it painted last night and I'm not sure how it will look. I may change the paint color. I don't know. 

Today we are going to the Aloha Festival. That is always fun. Tomorrow Hubby is golfing so I'll be here all alone. Yay!!! Not sure what I will do, maybe read, maybe craft, maybe both, who knows. All I know is that it will be quiet and I can do whatever I feel like. 

I do have some things I need to get done over the break and I probably should start working on them. I need to have a good inventory of the items I have, that will give me an idea of things I should make. Also, I need to keep track of the things I sell so I can get an idea of what are the big sellers and what aren't. So inventory is high on my list. 

I also need to make my bags. I bought some small, sublimatable bags for when people purchase things. I need to actually get my logo and website on the bag so that I can use them. I also need to make stickers to stick on everything I sell with my name and logo. So I need to spend some time doing things and I need to focus on these things. I want them all done by next weekend so I can focus on making things for the craft fair. I also need to work on my resin technique, I would like to sell resin stuff. 

I have a problem of getting caught in the weeds of things and waste a lot of time on them. So I need to make sure that I get all the things done that I need to. I also need a way to number my inventory so that I know which box holds which item. Oh, and I need to make signs for my booth. Yeah, a lot of things to do. But then I will jump on Facebook and spend an hour scrolling through my groups and getting all kinds of other ideas....yeah, I need to stop that. 

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