23 April 2023

New weekly focus

 The new weekly focus has posted at DMSC and I'm not even sure that I want to watch it. I just went and checked and the topic is fear, worry, and anxiety. I've got it on right now and I'm just going to listen while I type this. One thing that I know I've dropped the ball on is my planner. I've not really used it as it should be used in the past few weeks, maybe months. One thing I know is that when I use it regularly my life rocks. It's just something that helps me keep on track with the things I want to do. Otherwise, things fall through the cracks and I can let apathy and depression creep in. Can't let that happen. So today is a planner day as I do other things. I am making stickers for the little boxes in my planner so that I have titles for the boxes. I like using the boxes but writing in the titles for a whole week, every week is real pain in the butt. So I made some labels this morning and will cut those out in a little bit. Then I will past them in my planner and be set for the week. 

Something else that I need to get a grip on is the budget. I have to get the budget under control and I have to get back into a budget routine. Especially now with the business expenses, I need to make sure that I am on top of the money. 

I need to make some vinyl stickers for the new tubs that I bought. I want to make sure I'm super organized for the craft fair this weekend. Also, after this craft fair we are generally putting things away. There won't be many more craft fairs now. Things are starting to shut down for the heat of the summer. Then this summer I will have a bunch of things to do to make sure I'm ready for the fall craft fair season. I have been holding back a bit because of school and stuff, but over the summer I want to crank it up a notch and start getting things going. I also have a lot to learn over the summer. I want to master Inkscape and learn to create my own designs. 

So yeah, lots happening this summer. I'm thinking of also changing up my chemistry. I'm not sure what to do with this. I'm not thrilled with the modeling curriculum. I don't feel that it covers some things well, and things are left to the later part of the course that I think should be an up front thing. There are many other great curriculums out there that are free and approach things in a similar manner to modeling. So I am going to give them a serious look over the summer and decide. I really want to get the notebooks set up for the year and honestly some of these other curriculums meld with the notebooks perfectly. They have all the pieces and it might be a lot easier to blend those together into a more coherent course. I spent a lot of time last year working on the notebooks and then I dropped it completely. So I'm thinking of another way to approach this and that may include a new curriculum. I just feel bad that I spent money for this and now I'm not going to use it. But honestly, if it's not working for me I need to dump it. 

Okay, I'm done for now. Off to shower and walk the dog. 

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