28 April 2023

Nearing the end

 of school and I could not be more excited. We have 4 weeks left which translates to 15 days. I was planning out the remaining days for chemistry yesterday while they took a test. There is just not that much time. Those 15 days translate to 7 A days and 8 B days. That's it. That last day is given over to final exams and I need at least a day for review. So that means 5 A days and 6 B days. Not a lot of time. 

I've been mulling over this year and I have some changes I want to make next year. First, I want to double down on the notebooks. I think that was awesome when I did it well and I know a lot of students liked it. But I lost it around December and just could not get it back. So, now that I know what it all entails I think I can do a little better planning this summer and get it ready for the year. Second, I honestly think I'm dumping the modeling curriculum. I do. There are many, many things I like about it but I don't like the pacing or the seemingly randomness of it. There is a lot of time spent on the gas laws in the beginning and then we never see them again. Never. I think it's hard for the kids to see the patterns when I don't necessarily see them. So I'm looking around. I love the Illinois storylines and they are developing a chemistry storyline, but it's not ready this year. I have seen a lot of grumbling about the iHub curriculum so I'm not sure about that one. But one that I see good things about is Patterns chemistry. These are all modeling type and they follow storylines that integrate the chemistry into real life stuff. Even the progression is similar to modeling. I just feel these are a little more thought out and fully formed. So much of the modeling curriculum feels unfinished. Also, there is a bit of filling in that needs to be done. For example, in unit 6 there is literally a note in the curriculum to teach naming. That's it. Teach naming. They do provide some worksheets but no real guidance on how to teach it. So, yeah, I'm thinking of moving on for next year. I know that I said this last year and decided to double down and stick to modeling, but I think that I've given it a really good go and it just doesn't work for me. I'm at the point in my career where I don't want to be working too hard. I want a curriculum that I can just follow and that makes sense to me. Now I can do this over the summer, I have plenty of time, I just need to plan it out and get it done. 

Also over the summer, I want to get my store up and running. I want to start getting orders on my stuff. So I will need to learn marketing and I will need to be putting myself out there. I also want to narrow my focus a bit. I want to focus on a few things and get really good at them. Maybe tumblers/mugs and the multilayered designs. I like making both of those. I could engrave and sublimate the tumblers/mugs. Yeah, I need to narrow my focus and specialize in a few things rather than all the things I'm doing now. I would also like to learn to do resin well. That is something I can practice over the summer. 

Alright, enough. I'm eager for school to end but I have a few weeks before that happens and I need to focus on those few weeks. 

This weekend we have a night craft fair. It's a beer and wine festival and I'm hoping to make a lot of money. Or at least a decent amount of money. I need to spend today getting ready for that. So time to focus on the present and not keep thinking about the future. 

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