18 April 2023

Weekend Recap

 What a weekend it has been. It all started on Friday with an appointment with the eye surgeon. The cataracts are pretty severe and he recommends that I get them out as soon as possible. The good news is that I will be able to get new lenses that don't require me to wear glasses. Do you know how exciting that is? I was 9 or 10 when I got my first pair of glasses. I wore contacts for years, but glasses have been in my life for 50 years or so. Time to ditch them. So we are going to schedule the surgery. They do one eye and then 2 weeks later they do the other eye. I'm hoping to get it scheduled in June so that I am all healed and ready to roll for our road trip in July. 

Towards the end of Friday I started to feel like my sinuses were acting up. I felt a bit of a head cold coming on and I was not happy about it. 

Saturday morning around 9 am we headed out for San Diego. It was a long trip and we made a bunch of stops along the way for Mavy and us. We stopped at a brewery in Yuma for lunch and that was interesting. They had fired avocados - don't recommend - and nachos with potato chips and french fries - definitely don't recommend. As we drove into San Diego the sky got overcast and it was kind of raining a little bit. Hmmm. We found the VRBO and the garage was small. Really. Really. Small. It took some maneuvering to get into it but we did. There was no street parking unless you wanted to walk a block or two so I was getting in that garage. The house was cute, older and small, but good for us. There was a nice yard for the Mavy and a nice deck to sit on. There was food literally 3 houses down on the corner. On one corner was a BBQ place. Next to that was a brewery. On another corner was a full blown grocery store and across from that was an Italian place and a liquor store. So that was great, having so much so close. Definitely nice. 

We got up Sunday with the idea of exploring San Diego and checking out Coronado Island (which isn't really an island). I wanted to hit the beach to show Mavy and to get a dose of some ocean air. I should note that it was overcast and kind of drizzly and coldish. Lovely weather. We headed out to Coronado Island first and that place is kind of cool. We drove the entire length of it so have a real good feel for it. Lots of it is Navy base. We had breakfast at McDonald's then headed off to find a beach. We found a beach, but no dogs were allowed. From that beach we saw a long pier and decided to go find it. We found it and of course dogs were not allowed on the pier. Dogs weren't allowed on the beach either, but I said screw it and took Mavy down to the water. That attracted a life guard from down the beach and he drove over to talk to us. We talked about the weather and the pollution of the water (there were signs up saying the water was polluted). He said that there has not been 1 day in 2023 when the water was good enough to go into. Not! One! Day! He also told us that in 2022 they had the flags up 244 days! That means there were only 121 days when you could go in. That is not good. They are located so close to Mexico that their low sewer standards influence the beaches here. Really sad. Really, really sad. He then told us where we could take Mavy on the beach but it was clear the waves were a little scary for Mavy so we thought about heading to downtown Coronado and cruising around down there for a while until it was time to find a place for lunch. Well, downtown was an absolute zoo. It was Sunday and apparently everyone goes to brunch on Sundays because all the restaurants were packed. There wasn't much parking and with all those people, Mavy would have been a wreck. So we head back over the bridge to San Diego and cruise around there looking for a place to eat. Unfortunately we were right downtown and a Padres game was that day. UGH!!! Traffic! Construction! People! Yeah, after just a few minutes we headed out of there. We ended up at Balboa Park. Now that was a nice place. We tooled around the museum area. There was a craft fair going on and lots of people with dogs but there was also lots of space. So that was fun. We walked around for almost an hour and then Mavy got tired and we decided that we needed to get some lunch. Well, that led to another 45 minutes of driving around. We found some places to eat but there was no parking. San Diego is the worst city for parking that I have ever seen. Yes, it's adorable the little neighborhoods with their little neighborhood restaurants, but you can't find parking if you don't live there so how can anyone but the neighborhood go there? So we did that for a while then eventually said f*ck it and went back to the VRBO. I had proposed a couple of ideas; get food from the neighborhood places, use GrubHub, etc. What we settled on was dinner of ribs from the BBQ place, which we bought now because they run out. Lunch from the Italian place, Hubby got a slice of pizza and I got an antipasto salad that was huge. We ate lunch and there was salad left over for dinner. Then just hung around watching TV and I snoozed because I had this head cold thing.  Eventually we had dinner  and went to bed. I should note that it was cold and drizzly all day, we never saw the sun. 

Monday morning we got up ready to go home. We got up and started packing up. By 9am we were out of there. Again, it was drizzly and overcast and cold and there was no freaking sun. We grabbed breakfast at a McDonald's - again - and hit the highway. We drove out of San Diego and did not see the sun until we were over like 2 of the mountain ranges that separate San Diego from the interior of California. Once we got out and into the sunshine, things were much better. We stopped in Gila Bend for lunch at Burger King and that was interesting. What a dive little town. We got home around 2pm and the pool was warm enough to get in - that was nice. I didn't stay in long because the wind kicked up and it got cold so I got out. Plus, I was in the midst of a full blown head cold. Blowing my nose a 1,000 times in a row and the nose getting red and raw. It was just nice to be home. Mavy was happy to be home and have his favorite bed and his yard. Hubby was happy to be in the pool and in his own yard. I was happy to be home because I wasn't feeling great and so I could just collapse and rest. 

So, bottom line, it was an interesting weekend. Maybe if the weather had been nicer it would have been better, but it is what it is. I have no desire to return to San Diego and their horrible ocean, so there's that. But overall I enjoyed it. I like getting out, it pushes my comfort zone and I like that. But I am very glad to be home. Now, if I could just get rid of this head cold I'd be really happy. 

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