21 April 2023

Head Cold

 Well, I spent the week sick. On Wednesday I was really not well enough to go to school, but due to sickness and/or field trips, there were just no subs available. So I went in and struggled through. It was fine. The kids were really amazing. I told them I was sick and they were just spot on both days. That made things manageable. Also, it was only 2 days, so I was able to struggle through. 

This head cold was fairly miserable. I was stuffed up and had trouble breathing for about 3 days. Sleeping was difficult for about 3 nights. I could basically only sleep on one side because every time I rolled over my nose would plug up and I couldn't breathe. That was miserable. Last night, for the first time since Monday, I could breathe while I slept and I could turn over and not wake up. That was amazing. Still a little stuffy this morning, but definitely feeling better than I've felt all week. 

This weekend I have got to get some structure in this room. Things are in process all over the place. Paper is everywhere. Things are just crazy in here. I need to get things organized and put in place so that I can function. I also have to get ready for my craft fair next weekend. That is my plan for the weekend. Thankfully Hubby is golfing on Sunday so I do get a day on my own. Woot Woot!!!!

Needless to say my activity level has tanked this week. Having trouble breathing tends to limit your movement. I'm rather proud of myself though because my eating has been good. Yesterday I gave into the hunger and had a Grandma's cookies. They really didn't taste that good but I was hungry and gave in. That's the only setback as far as eating goes. Otherwise, I stuck to good food. I honestly didn't even really want junk. When I got hungry, and when I got hungry I was really hungry, I craved good food. I wanted lunch or dinner, I did not want junk. That is a huge victory. I did not want to make myself feel even worse by eating junk food. So that was really good. 

The other good news is that I really want to work out. I'm feeling sluggish and squishy and I'm ready to get back to working out. I can't yet, because I really can't breathe properly but soon. Soon. I'm thinking of trying tomorrow but Sunday for sure. Definitely Monday, without a doubt. 

Okay, I'm done for now. Time to do something constructive. 

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