31 May 2023

Doing good so far

 Yesterday was the first eye surgery and it was quick and went well. The worst problem I had was that the post-op instructions said to not sleep on the side of your surgery. Since I had the right eye done and I'm a right side sleeper, that was a problem. I didn't get a very good night's sleep. 

I went to the doctor today for a post-op check up and he said it all looks good. He also said that I can sleep on my right side as long as I wear the eye patch. Done. I could not get over how good my vision is already and it will improve as the days progress. I don't really need to wear my glasses, but the unfixed eye gets tired and feels strained, so I do. But the eyesight is amazing. I can't wait until they are both done and healed up. 

But that is not the reason for this post, the reason is that I want to do a little digging and figure out how to use my new journal. I got it a few weeks ago and saved it for tomorrow, June 1st. Now I want to put a little thought into exactly how I want to use it. 

It's got some things built into it, like a "One Line Per Day" section. This is very cool. I will write down something that happened every day in June, but it can only be one line. This should be a fun exercise. It also has a habit tracker built in. There are 12 months of the tracker and 15 things you can track. I need to know what to put on there. I already have meditation and walking Mavy because those are things I want to do every single day. But what else can I track? In July I'll start tracking workouts, but since I'm basically on the bench for the month of June there is no point in doing that. I could track things that I don't do every day but do want to keep track of. Things like when I changed the bed. When I changed the towels. But what else? I'm trying to think of things for my store; when I updated my website? When I posted on social media? Hmmm, those could be good. Okay, here's the beginning of a list: 

  • Meditation
  • Walking Mavy
  • Working out
  • Changed sheets
  • Changed towels
  • Product photos
  • Update website
  • Social Media post  
  • Reading
  • Unentertained time? 
  • Take blood pressure 
  • Vitamins/medications
Okay, that's 10 and a good start. I will continue to think on this and what I want to keep track of. Oh, I just thought of my blood pressure - I should track that. Okay, things are starting to build up on that list. Good. 

The next thing is that this journal comes with a whole bunch of dot grid pages, you know, like a bullet journal. Now, I have a love/hate relationship with bullet journals. I love that they are so flexible and can be used in just about anyway you can think of. I hate that I got so caught up in the decorating part. I need to have a monthly journal to keep track of appointments and things, but I love having the bullet journal because I can just make a to-do list, take notes on something, whatever I need at that moment. So I'm thinking of diving into the bullet journal world again. I have a monthly calendar for monthly things, maybe I can get back into the bullet journal for the daily grind of life. I think I'm going to give it a try. I like the idea of it and it worked really well for me in the past. I always find shortcomings with other planners, I think a bullet journal is my true spirit journal. Only this time I'm going to keep it simple. Just the date and a list of things to do or appointments or notes or whatever. I'm good with that. Not getting hung up in the fancy stuff. That takes time and I just don't have it or want to do it. Okay, it all starts tomorrow, wish me luck. 

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