30 May 2023

Today is the day

 my first eye surgery. 

Can't say I'm not a little nervous about it. It will be freaky having someone cut into my eye. But the outcome will be worth the nervousness. 

In other news.... I've switched my chemistry from Patterns to iHub. After much examination and analysis, I have decided that I like iHub better. Also, I like their phenomena. The first unit starts with the search for extraterrestrial life. How cool is that? So I need to work on getting everything set up and ready to go. I've been doing that a bit, I just need to figure out a plan and then stick with it. That is my biggest problem. I go to do something and then, at the last minute, switch things up. I hate that about myself and I'm bound and determined not to do it this year. I'm going to get things laid out and then I'm sticking with the program. I also find that I have a hesitancy to put things down on paper. For example, I want to do the notebooks with chemistry but I find that I don't want to start writing in them yet. Maybe I will make an outline first and then start putting pen to paper in an actual notebook. 

I did start working on AP biology yesterday. I want to have an FRQ notebook for them to practice the FRQs in and a regular notebook to keep notes and things in. I'm also leaning towards letting them decide what type of notes they want to take. Maybe I will provide some guidance but only as a recommendation, not as an absolute. We'll see, have to sort that all out in my head still. 

Today I will be alone and I plan on getting Unit 1 of iHub done and the notebook set up. It will just take some thought and consideration. 

Okay, I realize that most of this should be in my other blog, but whatever. I'm off to do something. 

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I'm done

 I fall into old habits pretty easily. I guess because they are something I'm used to even if they don't really work for me anymore....