14 May 2023

Working through the why

 I know that in order to be successful at self care I have to have a solid why in place. I have to know exactly why I want to do this and I have to really and truly believe it. So I'm going to try and answer some of those questions here. 

1. What would my life look like if I incorporated healthy eating in to my life for the next 30 days? 

    This is sort of easy because I do know. I already eat pretty well, not perfect, but well. So eating healthy for 30 days will do a number of things. First, I won't feel so full after a meal and won't feel it necessary to nap. Second, I will have more energy because I will be giving my body the fuel it needs. Third, I know that I'll feel better mentally and physically. I will want to move more. I will want to actually do things. I also have a clearer mind when I eat well. My brain gets the food it needs to function at top efficiency. My brain will be clearer and sharper and I will be able to process things easier. 

2. What sort of ripple effect would better eating habits have on other areas of my life? On the lives of people around me? 

    Well, I know that once I start eating healthy, I start feeling better, and everything just improves. My attitude is better so I'm more pleasant to be around. My energy goes up so I want to do more of all the things. I sleep better. 

Okay, I stopped this and just entered the info on the form. I realized that I absolutely know my why. I know it really, really well. I don't know that I'll ever be able to live it though. My why, bottom line, is that I want to be healthy enough to travel and see the world. But I don't know if I'll ever be able to live it because I am married to someone who doesn't believe in doing any physical activity and tends to accept his limitations. I could travel alone. But seriously, what fun is that? Anyway, I plan on being able to travel in a few years and I'm going to do it, so I need to be healthy enough to pull it off. That is my why. That has been my why for a long, long time. So there it is. 

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