18 June 2023

Yesterday was a day

 First, the knee. It was feeling really, really good for a few days. I walked the canal every day and was generally feeling pretty awesome. Then yesterday I spent most of the day sitting at my desk (I'll explain in a minute) and my knee was feeling a little bit tweaky. Then tried to assemble something on the floor and so was kneeling - yeah, I can't do that. Then my hip opening stretches were again kneeling type stretches. Yeah - I still can't do that. So I woke this morning with the knee feeling out of whack again. It is not really painful but definitely not right. So I walked Mavy this morning but did not walk the canal. I have some desk work to do but I'm also going to head to the mall and do a little shopping. So hopefully it will straighten itself out again. 

Now, on to yesterday. So Hubby is playing golf today, Father's Day, with his golf buddies and he decided at the last minute that I should make them all tumblers for the day. Okay, I'm not adverse to that, but he decided that Friday night and that meant I only had Saturday to do them. Again, not a huge deal, but I haven't made tumblers in months so was a little rusty at it. No worries, I sat down and quickly came up with a design for the tumblers, but since it was kind of lateish Friday night, and I wasn't completely happy with the design, I decided to let it sit until Saturday. Saturday I tweaked the design and came up with something I was happy with and set about printing them. Did I mention that I haven't made tumblers in a few months? Well, I haven't used my printer in that time either. So I printed the first one and there was no black. Damn. No worries, made sure the ink was full and did a nozzle cleaning. Black came back immediately but then red was gone. Damn. Another nozzle cleaning - still no red. One more nozzle cleaning - red was back but now the black was really, really gone. I just kept running nozzle cleanings until the black came back - I probably ran about 6 or 7. It came back and after that everything printed beautifully. Yay!!! So I printed them out - almost all of them - only to find out that I forgot to change a setting and they were all too small. Ugh!!!! Changed the setting, printed them all, all good. Yay!!!! Cut them down and wrapped the tumblers. Did I mention I hadn't made any tumblers in a few months? I could not remember the settings. So I had to cruise through the Facebook groups and find some settings. They were not mine, but I went with them and prayed they would work. They did!!! The tumblers came out amazing. Here's some of them: 

Everyone has their name on the flag. They are so cute. So it was worth almost the whole day to do them. 

After I finished them and they were cooling, I went to help Hubby put together Mavy's new bed. His old one is ripping and so I ordered a new one off Amazon. One of these: 

Do you know how hard these are to put together? That material has to be tight so the dog is supported. That means that putting the last screw in is a major project. We worked on it for about an hour and we were dripping sweat and just could not get it to go in. We finally gave up because we had to go to dinner with some friends. I'm going to PetCo or PetSmart and buying one all put together today and sending this back to Amazon. This is BS!!!!

So then we went to dinner with friends at Joe's Crabshack. I love that place. It is rather expensive, but so worth it. I had a drink and part of 2 desserts. Yes, I went to hell with myself. And it was good. 

As I said, today Hubby is golfing and I am going shopping. I have my second cataract surgery on Tuesday and about 3 days ago I gave up wearing my glasses. I decided that I really didn't need them anymore. I probably see better than a lot of people so I dropped the glasses. I had gotten some sunglasses and have been wearing them when I go out, but they make my face sweat. So I'm heading to Sunglass Hut today to buy myself some nice sunglasses. I'm excited. Weird, I know. I haven't had nice sunglasses since I was racing about 20ish years ago. I'm also going to pop into Old Navy. I picked up a dress there last week that is absolutely amazing and I want to get more. So I may do that. I also want to look for some shoes. I really need some nice sandals/dress shoes/nice shoes that I can wear with my insoles. So I'm going to look for those too. It has been a long, long time since I cruised the mall and shopped. This will be fun. 

Okay, that's it for now. I'm going to go shower and dress and start working on things until the mall opens. 

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