15 June 2023

Quick knee update

 On Tuesday night I decided to start my hip opening stretches again. I had an inkling that the problem was my back/hips and not the knees at all. It just struck me weird that both knees were having the same problem. Anyway, so Tuesday night I did my stretches. Yesterday my knees felt damn good all day. I slept in until 6am and didn't go into school, but man my knees felt good. So last night is did my stretches again. Woke this morning and the knees felt pretty damn good again. Put my shoes on to walk Mavy and the knees started acting up. Initially I thought it was the shoes? Or maybe the insoles? But I walked Mavy with little pain so decided to do my canal walk. Before I left I did standing pigeon pose to stretch the hips/back. Headed out on my walk and started to feel a little pain and discomfort in the knee. Then I started paying attention to what my feet were doing. I found that if I walked like a normal person, with the feet somewhat straight, I had no real pain. Hmmm....could it be the way I'm walking? Could my hips be acting up because I'm walking a little weird from laying down so much? Hmmm.... So I walked paying close attention to how my feet moved and felt great. Did the first half of the walk and I had thought I'd be willing to just do that if it was too painful, but I felt great. So I did the second half of the walk with very, very little knee pain. My feet were getting tired. My legs were getting tired. But I had no real knee pain to speak of. Whew. I think that everything is just out of whack and my hips were causing me to walk weird and that was affecting my knees. I think I will survive this. 

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