04 July 2023

Day 5 of the great road trip of 2023

 Here I sit in Island Park, ID drinking coffee and documenting the trip. Yesterday was the first day in Yellowstone and it did not disappoint. The drive into the park is absolutely beautiful along the Madison River. We ran into some really slow traffic and discovered it was because of bison snoozing near the road. 

Then as we are driving along, we see tons of steam. We are thinking we are getting near Old Faithful. The problem was it was packed. The parking lots were jammed and there was line to get in. People were parking by the side of the road and walking. Far. We knew that Mavy could not walk that far on the hot pavement. So I took pictures from the car and we kind of resigned ourselves to the fact that we might not get to see Old Faithful. Then we are driving down the road and there was no one else around when we saw a sign that said Old Faithful. Huh? So we followed it. It led us to a parking lot near Old Faithful. So we found a parking spot and hung out until it blew. It was amazing. 

We then drove further into the park to find a place to have lunch but the roads and the scenery wasn't near as good as the front part. After lunch we turned around and headed home. It was a long day, but a good day. Tomorrow we head the other direction in Yellowstone. 

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