04 July 2023

Decisions were made

 So during this great road trip I have come to some decisions. I have got to take better care of myself. I just have to. Now that my eye surgery is over, I have no reason to not workout. We get back on Friday and I will start working out on Saturday. I'm going to do weights and Supernatural. I have a good 2 1/2 weeks to build up a habit and get myself in shape to workout regularly during the school year. The plan is to work out every day except for one - that will be my rest day. Supernatural will happen 6 days a week and weights will happen 3 or 4 days a week. The plan in my head is to do weights in the morning and Supernatural in the afternoon. I want to do at least 30 minutes of Supernatural every day. I also may switch it around, Supernatural in the morning and weights in the afternoon, but it's happening. I want to do weights every other day which is completely doable as long as I push myself to do it. So when we return there will be no excuses accepted. I will workout everyday. 

Now, why were these decisions made? Well, during this trip a number of things occurred. First, my knee is bothering me. It's weird, it's not 'painful' per se but it is creaky and annoying. I don't like that and I don't want that. Also, my shorts are tight. My underwear is tight. It's very uncomfortable to wear. I get home and night here and take things off. So yeah, don't like that at all. Finally, my t-shirts are choking me. Seriously! The neck of my t-shirts are tight and I do not like that at all. And I'm tired and lazy. That I really don't like. I want to feel awesome!!!

So this trip has been fun. I can't wait to do more trips, but I want to feel amazing on the trips and not old and creaky. So as soon as we get home it starts. I'm also going to track my food intake every single day. I don't think I'll worry about following any eating plan, I'm just going to stick to my no sugar, no carbs, no alcohol and see where I'm at for a week or two. After that I will start tweaking things. 

Okay, we are getting ready to head out for our 2nd day in Yellowstone. Time to finish getting ready. 

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