05 September 2023

Day 5 of a 5 day weekend

 I love these little mini vacations we get. We get off Monday and Tuesday for Monday holidays - yes!!! Love that. And I needed it badly, but I'm going to cover that on the other blog. 

So yesterday I went to the gym and did the workout. It was the first workout that I did not want to quit in the middle of. I took it a little slower and paced myself. That doesn't mean I didn't work hard, I did. But I dialed it back just a touch and made it through the whole workout. I was extremely proud of myself. Not only for completing the workout but for having the good sense to dial it back a bit. I'm not young, I don't need to kill myself every workout. I need to get a good workout in but the level that I workout is up to me. 

Okay, the folks who are working on our pool just arrived. They will be laying the pebble tech and I'm so excited. More later. 

Update:  So they are doing the pool and it is looking amazing. It is going to be awesome when it's done. So I went to the gym and it was awesome. It was more of a strength day so we went heavy and not fast. It was amazing. I am not exhausted either. Saturday and yesterday when I came home from the gym, I was exhausted. Completely and totally exhausted. I ended up spending most of the day laying on the couch watching TV. I think I am making gains. I also worked through some back pain. That's not completely true, it's not really pain. It is definitely muscle related and I honestly think it's just really, really weak. It hurt during some of the movements, but I kept going and made sure I had perfect form and it's fine now. I can feel it, but there is no pain at all. Might that be my problem, a weak back??? Anyway, feeling amazing and waiting on the pool to be done. 

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