03 September 2023

Self Care

 Self care came up this morning in my head. When I was with DMSC all I thought about was self-care. Or at least it seemed that way. But since I left them, it hasn't really come up much. Now, that does not mean I've not been practicing self care, I think it's becoming more of a habit. Let's look at this. 

I still meditate every morning. Okay, I've missed a few here and there for various reasons, but almost every morning I get in some meditation. 

I don't beat myself up mentally for things. I have been ruminating some recently, but I work on getting rid of the rumination as soon as I spot it. Other things have popped up and I work on them as soon as they appear. What I don't do is spend a whole week looking for something. I try to deal with things as they come up. 

Sleep is great. I make that a priority all the time. I'm in bed by 8pm at the latest and during school days I'm up at 4:15am, but on the weekends I'm up by 5am. Not that much difference in time and a pretty consistent bedtime. Overall I sleep really well. Though I have had some nights recently where I woke and had trouble going back to sleep. But I think that is related to the next topic. 

Working out has been hit and miss. As I said yesterday, for two weeks in a row I went on Monday and then didn't go the rest of the week. I did go yesterday and it absolutely kicked my a*s. But I also did something yesterday that will motivate me to go more often, I signed up for a challenge. It is a weight loss challenge, but I'm going to use it to help jumpstart my fitness. I want to be fit. I want to workout. I want to eat right. I'm using this as way to get those things all in place. I know I won't win. But I also know that if I have this I will be more focused. So I worked out yesterday and I am signed up to workout tomorrow and Tuesday. I'm doing this. I'm going to shoot for every day for a while just to get the routine in place. 

And the above ties in with the last piece and that is food. As discussed yesterday, I know that I'm not eating well enough. I need to fix that. I'm going to use this challenge to do just that. Having a nutrition coach and being accountable will go a long way. So, yeah, I'm all in on this one. 

I need to approach this from a place of self care. I'm doing all this because I care about myself, my health, and my life. I want to feel energized. I never want to feel as tired as I was last week again. I wasn't that tired the first week of school. I want the energy to do the things I want to do and the things I have to do. I want to be mentally sharp and keep my brain functioning at full power. So I'm doing this challenge to make myself better, not to fix anything that's wrong. Okay, I think I'm in the right headspace for this. 

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