27 November 2023

Change my thinking

 I have always said that I'm someone who likes routine. I like knowing what I'm doing when. I like knowing that things will get done, and everything has a time when it will get done. Except that doesn't happen. There are lots of things that I do have a routine around; getting ready in the morning for work, working out, cleaning up after dinner.  But there are a lot of things that need to get done that I have no routine for. And some things that I have a routine for that sometimes the routine needs to change. So I have to change my way of thinking about some things. 

For one is laundry. I have it in my head that I don't like doing laundry and therefore will only devote one day a week to doing it. That is bullshit. I have a $5,000 set of washer and dryer that sits there and only works one day a week? Also, that very expensive washer has a delay cycle on it. I can put things in, set the delay to wash in the early morning hours, then get up and throw everything in the dryer. If I did that on the regular I wouldn't be stuck doing 10 hours of laundry on Sundays. 

Another thing is the budget. I keep thinking about it but I've moved into the mode of letting it kind of handle itself. I'm paying things late because I'm not on top of it. So that has to change and I need to put the budget back into my routine. I had it there for a while but lost it. I have a habit of avoiding things when I feel they are overwhelming. And that's kind of how I feel right now, the budget it overwhelming. It's not really, but it feels that way because I am avoiding it. 

These two things jump out at me first thing this morning. I need to change my thinking about these things. I need to face the budget head on and I need to do loads of laundry when I can. That's my goal for this week. 

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