09 December 2023

Illness - this sucks

 In October when Hubby went to SF for a game, I got sick. He left on Friday and after dropping him at the airport, I came home and laid on the couch all day feeling like crap. I was sick the whole weekend and only started feeling better on Tuesday when he came home. Tuesday was the first day I left the house all weekend. 

Since then I haven't felt my best. For almost 9 weeks I would have ups and downs. Feeling really good one day, and be so tired the next I could barely drive home from work. I was beginning to wonder what was wrong with me. Then, the Friday before last, I got a head cold. It really didn't seem like anything bad. I was congested and blowing my nose a lot, but otherwise I seemed to feel fine. I didn't workout because of the whole breathing thing, but really otherwise I felt fine. The head cold lasted over the weekend and I woke on Tuesday feeling great. I thought yay! I have finally kicked this cold. Boy, was I wrong. By Wednesday morning I felt like utter crap. It hurt to breath, like physically hurt to take a deep breath. And I just felt horrible. I went to work, but I had plans to call in a sub if things didn't improve. I would take half of Wednesday and all of Thursday off if I didn't feel better. I contacted my doctor and they suggested I go to Urgent Care. So got the sub in, explained everything, and off I went to urgent care. There they listened to everything and took an EKG but could find nothing wrong - yay! Suggested I take some ibuprofen and if it didn't get better go to the ER. I stayed home on Thursday and woke feeling just like I did on Wednesday morning. I thought I might go to the ER later, but would see how things went. Ended up not going to the ER and basically sleeping most of the day. By Thursday night I actually felt pretty damn good. Woke up yesterday feeling awesome. Still have some breathing things. Could not take a really deep breath without coughing. Then, as I was getting ready to shower, my heartrate went crazy. I felt like my heart was trying to jump out of my chest. It would speed up, then slow down, then speed up again. It was really scary. It continued that for almost 30 minutes. I walked Mavy hoping that some activity would help it settle down and it eventually did, but it is scary to be out and your heart is doing wild things. Now this is not the first time this has happened. I have had EKG before because my heart felt like it was acting weird. They never find anything. But this episode lasted the longest it has ever lasted and honestly it scared the crap out of me. Once that calmed down, I felt fine the rest of the day. I spent the day making some resin things (boy, do I have a lot to learn) and watching TV, not getting crazy. It was good. We sat in the hot tub last night and wow did that feel good. I woke up this morning feeling really, really good. Except for some itchy palms. WTF????  I kept itching at my palms when it finally kind of registered and I actually looked at my palms. I have broken out in dermatitis all over both palms. Now the logical thing to assume is that it is the resin. I did try to unmold some of the pieces last night that weren't quite cured. But, and this is huge but, I have worked with resin without gloves at all before and not gotten this. Now it could be because I am sick and my immune system it not up to par. Or it could be something else. I don't know. The thing is, I feel like this is more than just some normal bout of illness. I feel there might be something going on underneath. But again, I don't know. I get these episodes of being tired. Like bone weary tired. Like I can't keep my eyes open to drive home tired. But it usually passes rather quickly. So I never really gave it much thought. But now, I'm beginning to worry that there might be something else going on here that we are not seeing. I guess I just need to keep track of everything that is happening and present it to my doctors when I feel I have enough data. 

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