22 November 2023

Feeling completely overwhelmed

 That's how I'm feeling in terms of my business. It has been almost a year since I started this little venture and it's not going well. I haven't made any real money. I've sold some things but only at craft fairs. I can't seem to get my store going in terms of sales. My email list is completely barren and I feel stuck. I have some ideas and I have some things I want to do, but I feel paralyzed to do anything. I feel like I'm being pulled in 1,000 different directions and I don't know what is the best thing to focus on at this moment. I have today. I have all day today to work on things and I can't seem to get started in any one direction. I hate this feeling. Time to work some things out. 

First, I need to decide what I want. I want to have a store front that is making some money. I want to sell things over the internet and have it be a little profitable. So what do I need to do to make that happen?  I need to use the power of social media to leverage my website. Okay, what does that mean. I need to post regularly on my social media pages. I need to have a website that is easy to use and navigate and is appealing to customers. I need to work on that stuff today. I need to beef up my email list and I know how to do that I just need to do it. I need to get over my 'reluctance' to ask people for things and just freaking do it. 

Okay, today I'm going to devote my time and energy to my store and my social media stuff. Yes. I can cut things on Friday if I want to. But today I want an appealing website for people to go to and see my stuff. I need to get everything on my website so that they can view all the things I have to offer. 

Okay, I have a plan for today. Time to get started. 

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