23 November 2023

Predictable pattern

 So yesterday I had a little bit of a meltdown over all this stuff. Starting/running a small business is no joke. It takes a lot of work and if you want to be successful, it takes even more. And yesterday I just kind of hit overload and needed to vent for a while. I did that. And then I got down to work. Thankfully Hubby was gone all day golfing, so I could dig out my fair stuff and work on it. I photographed almost everything I have (I didn't photo all the earrings, there are just too many of them). I then spent time editing the photos so they looked cool. Then I got a bunch posted on my website, but there is still more to post. While doing that I organized all my show containers so I know where everything is. Doing that all made me feel a whole lot better. What I really need to do though is figure out a way to make all this fit in my week. I can schedule posts ahead of time, but I need to set time aside to do that scheduling. I need to interact with the people who do interact on my posts, but again, I need to set time aside to do that. I need to keep my website up to date, which requires time to do that. Do you see a pattern here? Because I sure do. I need to make time to do these things if I want to be successful. I can't just push them off and hope they will work themselves out. So I'm thinking of setting certain days for certain things. It's taken a while but I've managed to come to grips with going to the gym after work. I had to lose my feelings of not being able to relax as much as I 'thought' I should. I find that the benefits of going to the gym far outweigh not getting to relax as much. So now I need to switch my thinking around about doing some of the work at night for my business. 

So what I need is a kind of schedule to make sure the things get done for my business. I'm going to need to put in time in order to make it work like I want to. I think I need to spend at least a few minutes every night on Facebook/Instagram. I need to make sure that I respond to every single comment, every single time. The problem is I get discouraged when no one responds to my posts. I don't get any likes or comments. Then I get down. But I need to toughen up and just keep posting. Eventually things will start to click, I just need to work at it and keep it up. When I get down though, I don't want to do anything. I feel like it's all not worth it and just want to throw in the towel. Can't let that happen. 

So as I was typing this, I came up with an idea. Monday through Thursday, I will spend 30 minutes a night on my business. That's all. Just 30 minutes. That will give me time to do anything that needs to be done. Schedule more posts. Answer comments. Share posts. Whatever. I'm going to spend 30 minutes each night working on social media for my business. On weekends I will do things like update my store and post new items. That sound like a plan. Okay, I feel a little better now that I've gotten a bit of a handle on things. 

Now if I could just get a handle on my personal life. But that's a story for another post. 

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