10 November 2023

Time flies

 no, seriously, it does. I can't believe that a week has passed already. It was an interesting week to say the least. 

I have a big show coming up on Sunday. A. Big. Show. And I, of course, have started the freak out about it. I'm really, really trying to keep things in perspective. It is what it is. I've got what I got. But there is a bit of me inside that is freaking out. I'm also freaking a little because I've spent a lot of money hoping to make this show a success. I've purchased a new engraver that is portable and I can take to the show to engrave. It is also fast. Super fast. I'm really hoping that will help boost my sales at this show. But at the same time I'm worried that it won't and I just have to pay this thing without many sales. UGH!!!! Anyway, I've been working on my mindfulness when I remember. I keep telling myself to have a positive attitude and it will be what it will be. I can only do so much, I can't force people to buy things. 

Towards that end, I think I really have to approach this show with a super positive attitude. Super. Positive. It's going to be fun since there will be a lot of dogs there, so that should make it good. I need a really positive experience to counteract the last few shows that have not been great. So going into it with a positive attitude that this show will go well. 

Today will be a little crazy busy. I have a dentist appointment at 7:30am, have to run to the business Costco for the club. Then its to school to drop things off and Hubby do something. Finally, I meet with a Medicare guy and discuss my options. After that, it's lunch and home. 

So, yeah, Medicare. I'm going to be 65 next year. That means I'm eligible for Medicare. Just what I've seen from Hubby's Medicare, it is a much better deal than my insurance at work. But I'm not 100% sure of that. But I'm in this weird time situation. I will be eligible for Medicare in January, 3 months before I turn 65. But we are currently in the open enrollment at work, in fact today is the last day. If I'm going on Medicare in January, there is no reason to sign up for health insurance at work.   So I'm meeting with a guy who does this kind of stuff. He is going to review my insurance, my Medicare options, and even the insurance that is available through my retirement - What??? who knew? If I don't need health insurance through work, that is going to be some nice money back in my check. I'm thinking it will be almost $500 a month. Which I'm thinking should probably be used to up my retirement. I'll ask him today. So many, many decisions. This whole being an adult thing is just making a series of decisions I'm not qualified to make. 

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