04 November 2023

Challenge Accepted

 6 weeks ago I start a nutrition challenge at the gym I go to. They gave us a list of things to eat and told us how much to eat at each meal. Then we put together our own meals out of the things we liked. I weighed in today and here's how the numbers broke down: 

Weight lost:   5.8 lbs

Fat Lost:        .8%

Inches off arm:     1.5

Inches off waist:  7.5

Inches off chest:  4

Inches off hips:    4

Total inches lost:  17

That's freaking amazing. Freaking. Amazing. I was sick for a week and did not go to the gym at all and my workouts were nonexistent. In spite of that, I still lost all this. It also shows that losing weight is not that hard. Some things I learned along the way. 

1. I don't eat enough. There are days when I just don't eat enough food. That will definitely cause me to gain weight as my body will hold onto whatever I do give it. So I need to make sure that I eat enough. 

2. I don't eat enough protein. Even when I tried really, really hard to get all my protein, it was a struggle. I need to continue to fight that battle. I need to learn to like protein shakes. 

3. Working out does things far greater than just lose weight. I feel more energetic. I am starting to feel like myself again. I get tired but not exhausted. Yes, feeling better. 

4. My blood pressure has gone down, way down. I'm sure it's from dropping a few pounds and working out. 

So what are my next steps. Well, I'm going to continue to focus on getting enough food and enough protein. I'm going to continue working out. And I'm just going to keep trying. I feel good, I want to feel better. 

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