31 December 2023

Blogging helps

 As usual blogging has helped me through my tough time. I can't just bottle stuff up inside of me, it makes me crazy. But talking with someone about some of the stuff in my head doesn't help either. I don't want a solution, I want to get this crap out of my head. Blogging to the rescue. I am feeling much, much better than I did a week ago. I've made some progress in things and I'm feeling like I have a handle on things now. It's not perfect, hello budget, but it is so, so much better. 

Today will be budget day. It is New Year's Eve and I will be damned if I start another year with crap in my head. The last thing I need to get the budget straight. That will happen today. We have nothing to do today and football is on all day, so I plan on working on the budget, cutting some stuff on my laser, and working with the resin - I need to master that damn it. I'm also going to be working on some school work, but I really have that under control now so there isn't a whole lot to do there. I am also setting up my planner, it starts tomorrow. 

Let's talk planners for a few minutes. I am a planner freak. Or should I say a planner hoarder? I love, love, love the whole idea of planners. I'm not so great on the execution of planners. I typically get a planner, use it for a while and then stop using it. But, when I look back at the planners that I have used, the ones with pictures and all the info of my life are the best ones. This year I want to keep a planner, the same planner, all year long. I want to fill it with pictures and memories and all kinds of things. I want to be able to look back at it at the end of the year and remember in detail the things we did. That is one of my big goals this year. I need to establish a bedtime routine where I come in here and spend a few minutes on my planner. I can end the day and start the next. Make some notes to remember the day and plan for the next day. 

While I want to keep my planner for the memories, I also need to keep on top of things. I will be getting a planner for my business and the group I'm in will be having a planning session on the 10th. Then I will plan out the year for my business. Once I get that all laid out, I want to transfer things I need to do to my daily planner. My business planner will be like the roadmap and my daily planner will be where I look for what I need to do. 

Another thing I need to master is robot mode. I can't allow myself to be like, I don't feeeel like doing X,Y,Z or procrastinating like I'm prone to. I need to set these things up and just do them. Whether I do them on the couch while watching TV or come in here, I just need to do them. So robot mode needs to be initiated tomorrow and I can't turn it off for a year. Same goes for my workouts. I need to schedule them and just do them. My goal for January will be to workout 3 days a week, every week in January. That means I only workout 2 days a week after school and the 3rd workout will be on Friday. Since they have classes as early as 5am, no matter what is happening on Fridays, I can get a workout in. They also have afternoon classes on Fridays but that gets a little sketchy. So I just need to do it. Robot Mode. I need to put that on my vision board. 

Okay, I feel pretty damn good about this coming year. I feel like I've made a lot of progress this past year and that next year things are really going to take off. All it takes is some hard work and consistency. 

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