01 February 2024

Yesterday was better

 I went in with an attitude of getting things done. I got some grading done. I got the tests that first period took graded right after they took the test. I still have a giant stack to grade, but at least it's all organized and ready to tackle. Then I came home last night and made a keychain for Cameron for tonight. So I feel a lot better about things overall. I'm bringing some work home this weekend because I need to get ahead and not just keep up. But definitely feeling better. 

A week or so ago these guys knocked on my door at like 5pm. I have a habit of just blowing them off when they come trying to sell something. So I opened the door, he asked if I had my roof inspected, and I led him to believe that we had just moved in. He then told me that if we had a wind storm he could get our roof replaced by our homeowner's insurance, handed me his card and left. Hmmmm, okay. When Hubby got home I mentioned it to him and he reminded me that we had  a shingle blown off - it was sitting by the front door. So last Friday I called this guy, he came out and inspected our roof and we filed a claim with The Hartford. I was informed that it is a covered expense and that an adjust would be out to examine the roof. That inspector will be here tomorrow. That's so crazy to me. I had no idea that insurance would ever cover a roof. I always thought that it was part of typical maintenance of the house. If this works out and we get a new roof, we won't have to worry about that for the remainder of our lives. Roofs last 20-30 years so this will be the one an only one we do. It's wild. I would never have thought that insurance would replace a roof for wind damage. So glad that guy came by. 

Okay, that's all. Got up really early this morning and am just killing time. 

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