31 January 2024

Time to suck it up

 I have been letting my emotions/feelings/whatever run my life lately and I don't like it. I have done almost nothing with my business since the last craft fair. My school life is spinning out of control because I don't feel like grading (news flash, I never feel like grading). I have only been to the gym once in two weeks. I feel like absolute crap. It's time to suck it up and stop acting like I'm a child. My desk, both here and at school, is pile with sh*t that I need to deal with. I am over it completely. Time to get my act together and start acting like the adult I should be. 

Things I absolutely need to do: 

  • Get my grading caught up at school
  • Grade the tests they are taking today in a very timely manner (have it done by Monday even if that means bringing it home)
  • Clean off this desk here and get things put where they belong. 
  • Make something for Cameron - tonight!!!! (I've put it off so long I now have to rush it tonight)
  • Get my website back up and functioning. 
    • Process all the pictures I have taken
    • Post them and descriptions on my website
    • Put my website back in action
  • Get my social media act together. 
    • Plan out when to post
    • Plan out what to post
    • Get the posts made and scheduled
  • Finish the things I have started 
  • Make a new book valet and make it better
  • Look into Amazon Homemade and see what that all entails
  • Find some fairs to do for the spring/fall
  • Stop being such a wussy and a baby and start doing things. 

I have put things off so much they are weighing on my mind and dragging me down. I come home at night and sit on the couch, watch TV, and play games. I really need to break that habit, it has got to go. I need to switch things up but I'm not quite sure how, I need to figure that out. But no more sitting around wasting hours of my life no stupid games. I'm done with that. 

Tonight I will come home and work on something for Cameron. This is how I know that things are bad, my imagination is just gone. I have no idea what to make him and I need to make it tonight. So, enough. Today at school I'm going to focus on getting all my grading done and tonight at home I'm going to focus on getting something for Cameron. This list will go in my planner a little later but I will be doing something at night. And the gym begins again on Friday. I can go to the 6am class and still make it to Mesa by 9am. No thinking, just doing. And NO Facebook at school. NONE!!!! If I have time to scroll Facebook, I have time to do something else!!!!!!

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