16 March 2024

Post doctor conversation thoughts

 So on Friday I spoke with my doctor. And it was much as I imagined it would be. The best thing I can do for my health, including my high A1C, is to lose some weight. So I need to do that. Much like I wrote in the last post, I just need to do it. I need to move more. Even after my awareness and outlining how much I sit, I still sat most of Thursday and yesterday. I need to move more, absolutely no doubt about it. The doctor suggested that I take a walk for30 minutes, 5 times a week. Then also add in some weight training and some higher intensity workouts a couple of times a week. Which then led me down the rabbit hole of considering my workout choices. I've been going to the gym, though not consistently, for a few months now and doing some pretty strenuous hiit workouts. That led me to thinking, am I doing too much? Should I not be doing the HIIT? Maybe I should start slower. Focus on walking and doing some strength workouts at home? But then I think, I won't follow through with them. I'll blow them off like I always do. But then I think, we have the workout bench, I can just bring that in the living room and workout while I'm watching TV. Also, doing that may inspire Hubby to workout also. I have all that is necessary to workout at home. I have the weight bench, I have adjustable weights, and I have a workout book to guide us. So I could come home from work, go for a 30 minute walk, and then workout for an hour or so. Three days a week workout with the weights, and two or three days a week do some HIIT. Then I could also do my stretching, which I desperately need. I can add in Supernatural in the mornings. On paper this sounds perfect. I just went and looked at one of those walking pads. It would fit perfectly under the couch and I could  just pull it out to walk instead of sitting on my ass watching TV. So again, on paper this sounds perfect. However, I already know the resistance I will run into, both mine and Hubby's. 

1. Energy. I know when I come home from work I'm tired. I want to just lay on the couch and do nothing. I'm going to have to fight that with all my might. One way to fight it is so not put my pjs on. When I come home change into my workout clothes instead. Another way, and this is for me only, is to just put it into my head all day long. I'm working out when I come home will be my mantra all day. I know that will definitely help and  get me moving. It actually makes me look forward to workouts. 

2. Once it starts getting hotter, that will be an excuse. It's too hot, let's just hang out in the pool. I will have to work it out so that we hang out in the pool for a while and then I workout. I will just have to do it and be adamant about it. Once summer comes it will actually be easier because I will be able to workout whenever I want to. But for the next 2 months it will be a struggle. I just need to be stronger than my excuses. 

3. The old do it later mentality. I need to change how I view exercise and working out. I need to view it as something that I get to do and not that I have to do. I have to keep in mind at all times that I still have the ability to move and workout. There are many, many people who can no longer do that. I should be thankful that I still can and do it as often as possible. 

Okay, I'm doing it. What I'm going to do is start this program while still keeping my gym membership. That way if it doesn't work out, I still have the gym. I have seen with my Lumen how working out helps switch from carb burn to fat burn. I need to exploit that without killing myself. 

Okay, I'm in. Ordering the walking pad right now. Going to present this plan to Hubby this morning. 

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