14 March 2024

I have to admit, I don't know what to do

 Okay, that's not entirely true. I know what to do, I struggle with the how. I went in to the doctors for bloodwork on Tuesday. They contacted me later that day to say my my blood sugars have been borderline the last couple of readings and they wanted to send the blood out for an A1C test. That test gives you an average of your blood sugars over a couple of months. Well it came back yesterday in the prediabetic range. So now I have to meet with my doctor this morning to discuss what to do next. I know what I need to do, I need to move more. I know that's my real problem. I don't move enough. My average steps for the last month is only 4500. That's not even 5,000 a day. That is pathetic. I sit here at this desk or at my craft table most of the day. I can sit for hours and hours. Then, once I'm done in here, I move out to the couch and sit there for a few hours. That's not good. The weather is perfect for getting outside and yet I spend most of my break sitting inside. Again, it all comes down to my attitude. The way I view things determines what I will and will not do. So I need to view movement as a way to save my life. I  do not want to be diabetic. I do not want to be frail and elderly and unable to do things. I don't. So what am I going to do about it? It is literally my life on the line. My watch gives me warnings about my steps. At 10 minutes before every hour it warns me how many steps I have left to take in that hour to reach my daily goal of 7500. I've been ignoring it. Maybe it's time to start paying attention and moving when it tells me. Maybe it's finally time to raise this desk up and leave it there. I bought the standing desk to avoid sitting so much and I don't remember the last time I raised it up. I don't know if it still raises. When I'm home I think I need to take long walks. I used to walk the canal every single day. I haven't walked the canal in months and months. Time to get back to that. I need to make workouts out a regular, consistent part of my day. For months now I've been sporadic at best. Time to change that. I need to focus on movement. I need to focus on a lot of things. But honestly my health  needs to take priority. If I don't have my health all the other stuff won't matter. So it's time to shift my priorities. My health needs to be my first priority. Also, once I'm more active and focusing on my health, I'll have more energy and the other things will fall into place. 

Now let's discuss the how. Well, on work days I can go back to Supernatural in the mornings. I was doing that for a while and it felt great. Starting Monday, I'll go back to FitBody. I had just kind of got a routine going when my arm started acting up and I couldn't do much of anything. Between that and the oral surgery I had yesterday, this week ended up being a big bust. I'm not going to dwell on it or beat myself up, it is what it is and  it is done. Then there are walks. When I don't work out I'm home by 4ish. I could take Mavy on another walk, this time longer. He could use the exercise as much as I could. On weekends maybe I'll start taking him places again. I would like to take him hiking, maybe we can do that just start slow. I could take him to the Riparian preserve in Gilbert. That's a great place to walk the dog. So time to start walking more. I will start walking the canal again. Mavy may not be able to do it regularly, but I can. Yes!! I have to change my focus and prioritize my health. I don't want to be diabetic. I don't want to be old. I don't want to be weak and helpless. So don't. But just wishing and  wanting is not going to make it happen. 

On to food. Overall I think my food is not bad. It can definitely use some tweaks here and there, but overall it is good. Along with the movement, time to focus on the food. I'm going to devote the next few days to fine tuning the food part. I need to hit my macros regularly. I also need to use the Lumen for what it was intended for. And my FitBit. I pay money for these things and then don't use them to their full potential. Time to stop that. Time to be the adult. Time to take control of my life. No one else can. 

Okay. A little tough love always helps. Off to do some Supernatural. 

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