11 March 2024

Time for some more introspection

 Last post was truly eye-opening. I am the type that has to know the why of things. I can just do for a while, but eventually I have to know and understand the why or I can't keep doing it. Not sure that makes sense to anyone but me, but it makes perfect sense to me. 

With that revelation, I have realized that I need to tackle this fear head on. I need to do things where I don't know what I'm doing. I need to have a goal without knowing how, or if, it will work out. I need to push myself. But to do that I need a plan. I've spent so long floundering around with this business that I'm not sure I know how to actually push it forward. But I've got to try and figure it all out. So a plan is a must. I was just thinking to myself that I should set a schedule, especially since we are on spring break this week. But then I realized that I don't do well with schedules. I work better with to-do lists. At least in my personal life. I still have a habit of doing things when I feel like doing them. So schedules are too confining and I have a tendency to blow them off. But to-do lists? I'm good with those. Love getting my stuff done. But I also need to have this list up front and in my face. I have a frequent habit of making a list in my planner and then not looking at it all day. When I'm getting ready for bed, I will see it and realize all the stuff I did not get done that day. So you know what I need? I need a routine for this. I will write things in my planner that need to be done. Then that morning or the evening before, I will transfer those things to a to-do list in Keep. I will leave that open on my computer all day and I will put it on my phone too. OMG!!! So, I'm excited about this. Seriously. I will need to work it for a while until it becomes the norm, but I can do it. I put the Keep widget on my home screen on my phone. It will have the list for that day. I can add to it or check things off as I go. Yes!!! I can make this work. I can. I will have to work it but it will become a habit. 

So there it is. I will just set things that need to be done each day and go from there. I am excited. The way the widget is set up, it stays on my home screen and updates as I update it. So that means it will be an ongoing list. When I get things done, I cross it off. When I don't it just stays there until I do get it done. I'm so excited about this. Seriously. No more forgetting things and having them slip through the cracks. I'm going to do this. 

Okay, I'm off to live my plan. 

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