12 March 2024

Day 1 was a success

 So I created an ongoing list of things I need to do in Keep. Here is what it looks like: 

I checked off 7 things yesterday. Yay me!!!  The best part is that I don't feel the pressure of a timed schedule. I don't feel forced to do something because it says I have to do something for an hour. For example, one of the items on my list is to work on large business sign. Well, that involves a few steps, including creating a useable SVG to cut. So last night I investigated a website that supposedly lets you make SVGs easily. I tried it and it is pretty easy. But I discovered that my Silhouette Design Studio lets me do mostly the same things and so I don't really need it. I am however, going to download some file from the other place to use. 

Anyway, it was a good day 1. I'm hoping to have continued success with this. I guess to do that I will really have to work it. 

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